Bloody Harvest missed opportunities

First let me start off that I have enjoyed Bloody Harvest, even finished all of the associated challenges.

But I feel as though Gearbox missed opportunities with this free Halloween DLC. A Halloween DLC should at least utilize standard Halloween scares.

  1. Coffins. Open coffins with bodies in them should have had the bodies either come to life or able to be shot for health and ammo. Closed coffins should have been able to be opened and had something come to life once opened. Like Loot Midgets.
  2. Graveyard. Should have had enemy types clawing themselves out of the graves to attack.
  3. Any and all corpses laying around the level should have come to life to try and kill you. Even the hanging ones from the trees.
  4. Loved the new sound effect attached to the Skull Loot Boxes. Hope this stays in the game and is added to all of these types of boxes after the Event Ends. Opening those boxes to hear the screams will never get old.
  5. Killing Ghosts should have allowed you to continue to stock pile after hitting the needed 25 to access the area. Still costing you the 25 to access Heck. The grind for Hecktoplasm just takes away from the Event in my opinion.
  6. All challenges should have been directly tied to the map. That being sad the 3 or 4 rare hunts should have spawned inside the map. There was plenty of room in the map that they could have been given key places to spawn.

Also…there should have been a zombie Scooter.


Him chilling with zombie T.K. and sharing a beer together, would have been awesome. Could have sent you off on a quest to get brains or something. Fingers crossed for next Halloween, anyway. =]

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