Bloody Harvest mission: Heckraiser

Hi, mission say “Loot a Bloody Harvest Legendary” and did it today twice and i have still incomplete this mission. Do you have someone same problem or no? What can i do whit this??
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Equip the item and it should be completed.

All guns, shelds and another item i have in me hands for testing and nothing

Thats weird. I’ve completed this challenge with three of my characters and for two of them it was done once I equiped the shield.

I found today in Bloody Harvest red chest “The Lob” and “Deep Dive Face-puncher”
and i shoot whit this guns.

You need to equip one of the new legendaries for this challenge.

  • Ghast Call grenade
  • Stalker sniper rifle
  • Fearmonger shotgun
  • Scream of Terror shield

Ok, thanks :wink: