Bloody Harvest not being active

The Bloody Harvest event is not active for my gamertag. My husbands is working on his xbox. My gamertag is not on mine and if i go on his xbox it still is not active. Have done a hard reset and did uninstall game and all add ons. Hoping that gearbox , 2k, or anyone could help me please. Thank you

There should be an option to toggle the event on/off at the main menu before loading the game, beyond that I’m not sure though

Like @OneAngryKitty said, make sure it is turned on in the main menu. However if it’s not there at all, then verify the hotfix is applying. Wait for the “Hotfixes applied” sign on the main menu screen. Also you can check the hotfix date in the news items on the bottom left. One of the tabs there should show what hotfix is applied.

Beyond that you’ll want to put in a ticket with 2k support. They don’t actively monitor these forums. Should be a link pinned at the top of this group, or just google 2k support.