Bloody Harvest Pumpkin Puzzle Colorblind Fail

The free DLC is great and I appreciate it and am enjoying it, but it is still frustrating that mechanics relying on color differentiation are still so commonly used. Relying on color is easy from a dev perspective, coming up with a more creative mechanic is more effort, but the number of colorblind players is not an insignificant percentage of players. I have been able to successfully complete the pumpkin puzzle once by pure luck and I would guess that most non-colorblind players have probably experienced the complete opposite and failed maybe once.

Before all the replies of “it’s free - stop whining”. I’m not whining and I really appreciate the free DLC. I’m just pointing out issues faced by colorblind players that I fruitlessly hope will someday be given more consideration in game design.

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Could they replace the color with maybe a pattern or something?

If you look at the top pillars the pumpkins are sitting on there are shapes that match to the skulls eyes so you can tell what the code is without color, or if a pumpkin gets destroyed in the mayhem >.>


That’s awesome I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there

If pumpkin gets destroyed shape clears out too, but yeah GB did thought of colorblind peeps with that riddle, so there you go OP.

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it’s the people who reported on the puzzle that seem to have failed. They saw only the color not the shapes.

But it’s important to raise awareness of this in game development. A staggering number of men are colorblind and no one really realizes how much gaming in particular relies on color differentiation as a shortcut

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Don’t know why I didn’t notice that before. You are my hero.

Hell, you know how many times I’ve had to hold myself back from selling legendaries because to me, that shade of orange and green gear looks virtually identical to me.

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