Bloody Harvest + Twitch mayhem event = ruined experience

I love the new event but at the same time i am going to probably complete challenges and put the game down until the bloody harvest event ends. The reason is its very puzzling that they added new annointments to the loot pool when there is very limited bank space. Also the main reason is that I dont know who thought it was a good idea for the event items to drop OUTSIDE of the event in which ruins farming as in general for normal gear and completely RUINED THE MAYHEM ON TWITCH EVENT which is a event to drop more frequent annointment weapons that are now dropping like candy with the fear mechanic outside the event. I wanted this week to farm good annointed weapons now the weapons i wanted are dropping with seasonal mechanics that i dont want, this is very poorly thought out by Gearbox in general why release to event in the same week when one complete ruins the other and to make the halloween event last for a month in which affects the entire game is beyond my reasoning.