Bloody Harvest unlocked but unavailable on relogin

Hoping someone can help. I completed the quest to unlock the portal in the Bloody Harvest event but logged out before I went through. When I logged back in the portals were gone, the quest was gone and talking to Maurice again just gets standard speech responses. As it stands Bloody Harvest is no longer available for me.

Any hints or solutions gratefully received.

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Make sure you are online and wait in main menu for hot fix load up.

How long does that usually take? Stayed in main menus for 3 minutes after patch download, and can’t seem to get it (am connected to internet)

You have to wait for the spooky background to appear i suppose.

Same here ! Started to collect ghosts, then quit the game. Now the mission has disappeared, Maurice does not offer the quest anymore, and continuing the main story features no ghost, no terror, just normal play through.

Around 10 seconds for me, I’m on PS4.

Solution seems to be to log out to the game menu. You will be asked to accept an update, and then when you log back in again the quest/portal will be available. The update appears to be the quest. Tried it a few times and it seems to work regardless of where you are in the quest chain.