Bloody harvest wasn't very well though out was it?

so there are a few neat things in this but the terror thing is super lame and now I have anointed legendary that might as well NOT be because terror effects, on top of that every time I want to kill captain haunt I have to go out and kill 25 ghosts to get ONE run of haunt! for ■■■■ sake gearbox if your going to make a event like this make is easy to farm!

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Yep it quite sucks.

Plus many challenges suck as well. For example killing the special world-bosses.

SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun starting,quitting and restarting a game 10 times just to get him to spawn.

I like games where I can spend my time playing instead of sitting in menus and loading screens.



not world bosses, rare spawns and that was the easy bit

then rare spawns, whatever they are called. It sucks, that is what matters for nerfbox

Well, the only thing I can say in BL3’s favor is remember that these are all free…

Having said that, look at all the events for BL3 and ask yourself, “Have any of these been helpful?”

Gearbox really needs to talk to the community more because right now they have struck out 4 times on events alone, and BL3 itself is stuck in the damn dugout unable to play the game with any sort of reliability.


I think I am just going to do the 12 challenges because after that the rest are all super grindy

the way it SHOULD have been done is open a new area in witch you could farm ghost goo then go to alter near the end to summon haunt and to repeat you can just reload the zone


Bloody harvest wasn’t very well though out was it?

No, but honestly, what about the game has been well thought out? They’re still trying to figure out how balance works in their own game. And since they refuse to listen to the community, I wouldn’t hold my breath that it’s gonna get better any time soon.


eh balancing a game is very very hard, look at what happened with borderlands 2, the bee just brakes the game along with a billion other things. at least in borderlands 3 they are actively trying to balance weapons and builds otherwise everyone would just be using the moze overflow glitch all the time

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I hope they take a que from Bungie.

When Destiny2 was released, Bungie said quite simply they were simplifying weapons and gear and getting back to the basics.

Well it flopped hard and fast so Bungie had to scramble and they LISTENED to their fan base and they changed the game to what the fan base wanted because, you know, the fan base is what determines if the game succeeds or not in the long run.

Bungie left Activision and got back to what made them great, which was Destiny 1. After a ton of feedback they changed D2 to be more in line with what D1 was which included a better story and massive overhaul to the gear.

Destiny 2 is MUCH better now and much more popular.

While true, a well thought out and designed balance curve, a systems design team that understand how stacking works, a hollistic design plan that unified their systems across classes, and an understanding of how players approach games like this would have saved them a lot of problems and resulted in much less extreme swings in balance.

So, no, it wasn’t well thought out, regardless of how hard it might be.

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I’m loving it so far, granted I’ve only beat the boss once as I wanted to try COD Modern Warfare. But the first few story missions were fun. I’m liking the idea of the haunted being “everywhere” so we can pick and choose where to fight them. I’m liking the skulls that pop out when enemies are killed as most drop some cool gear. What’s not to like???

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  1. destiny 2 is kind of broken garbage so NO I don’t hope this game ends up like destiny and
  2. mann, as well balanced as you think your game is and regardless how well it played in your test groups the SECONDS you release the game all your balance goes out the window because one crazy dude figured out how to do a overflow glich or found a combo of gear that makes you into a god.

balancing a game takes alot of time and dedication witch is why blizzard is throws hot patches for there game almost every weak


I dont want gearbox to take a que from destiny. Then it wouldnt be borderlands. If you want destiny 2 forsaken came out and that is supposedly good. I play destiny 2 and I feel they got a lot wrong that gearbox got right and I enjoy borderlands more then destiny by a landslide


I play D2 all the time and it’s still a grindfest. They added leveling rewards, a few attributes to gear, and an artifact that adds skill-like abilities. In the end it’s the same grind.

Bungie listened to the community and added more difficulty, which is good, but the overarching additions were made to Eververse and that’s pretty sad IMO. I’ll keep playing D2 to get through the level rewards, you know, the old carrot from a stick, but it’s not the end all be all.

For those worrying about the grind, dont worry. The event lasts until December. You’ll get everything before the event ends, it would’ve been bad if you could grind out every challenge in a single day for an event that lasts for a month and a half.

Too be fair I dont think people were expecting it to be the grind tht it was. Like really have to grind 25 ghosts in order to enter heck? I understand if you can farm heck repeatedly it wouldnt take long to finish challenges but I feel if we need to do something to get into heck maybe be a little creative about it.

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imo then folks would complain it went too quickly. its a free add on to give a bit of a change of pace and a few other bits to do while we await the maliwan takedown dlc. its all optional anyway.

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It is sort of optional. The event effects drops outside of heck. So no matter what you are sort of participating like it or not

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No, I meant to take a que from Bungie at going back to their roots to fix their game.

D2 went back to be more like D1 and it recovered.

BL3 needs to take more que’s from what made BL2 great which it appears they are starting to finally see. They are changing loot drops to be more like BL2 which is a huge jump in the right direction.