Bloody Harvest Weapons

G’day Gent’s and Lady’s.
At the start of the bloody harvest Event i believed i would of acquired a Blood Harvest Weapon by the time i had finished all the challenges, So i could kill Haunt with it.
But no , Not one to be seen.
Have had no luck at all, So would like to know where most of you got your BH weapon from to see if there was a certain map or enemy that drop’s these weapon’s.

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Loot ghosts is where ive got mine

You haven’t found 1 single Terror annointed weapon during the entire time playing?


I have put just over 100 hour’s up since this event started and no luck at all, Feeling sad about it as i believe i will not get to finish the final challenge.

I have killed Haunt around 14 times so far and between farming the Hecktoplasm and killing Haunt there must be hundreds of Terror gear that drops. All you need to do is pick any random one up and kill him with it then sell it if it is rubbish anyway even if it is some white weapon. It doesn’t mean the legendary Bloody Harvest unique gear.

Got a Fearmonger from a ratch or it’s loot ghost tonight in the Hole.

Will give it a try after filling me Belly up, Cheer’s for the advice.

A random ghost dropped an anointed Atlus cost effective Q rifle, with health regen that grows with every level of terror I have, basically turning the stupid green ghosts into flying health packs for me.

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Since it looks like two different things are being combined in the discussion, I will try to address both of the challenges that I have seen confuse people the most so far.

Haunt just needs killed with a terror annointed weapon, even a white one works.

As for the loot 1 bloody harvest weapon, you actually need to equip one of the halloween legendaries such as fearmongor.

My shield has that annointment and my grenade has the annointment to generate terron for a few seconds on action skill end.

I am using it on Rakk Fl4k, so plenty of terror for me. Lol


Got it done…finally , Thank you human’s for you’re getting my brain on the right wave length.

Picked this up and it did the job pretty damn well.

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Haha. Awesome.

I can’t get any, Wtf. I already completed all challenges but Haunt, stil need to kill him 8 more times.
I’ve been killing plenty of loot ghosts…most of the time they only drop purple gear…other npcs drop legendary gear but none related to the event itself.
Haunt himself only got me 3 ghost nades, nothing else.
No sniper, shotty, shield or whatever…only the damn nade.
By the amount of runs and loot ghosts killed by now I should already have at least 2 or 3 more legendary loot Bloody Harvest related…Feeeeeeeeck!

Try it on Mayhem Mode 1 , or 2 .

I still have yet to get an actual Halloween legendary. Completed all the challenges but that one. I don’t get it…

this. Don’t confuse it with a legendary… Afaik, there is only one legendary Bloody Harvest weapon. The rest are all anointed Green, blue, purps

Sorry, I don’t want to be kicking you while you’re down but hopefully this gives you some places to look.

I got 1 of my Shotguns and 1 shield from Haunt.

I’ve gotten about 4 grenades and another shield from loot ghosts and badass ghosts in random zones of the game.

I’ve gotten 2 grenades from Rakkolanterns (flying around in Heck).

There’s actually a grenade, a sniper, and a shotgun. Technically 3 weapons? I don’t know if the grenade would count for the kill challenge though.

Edit: I have a fire and radiation fear monger, a few snipers, and 1 shield but still hunting for the allusive grenade to collect.

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you learn something everyday :+1:

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For the kill challenge it just has to be a weapon with a Terror anointment on it.

I think I did it with a purple Maliwan SMG.

Oh I see, I thought it had to be one of the new legendary drops. I dropped it to normal and blasted him the a fearmonger to get the challenge lol