******* bloody harvest!

So very annoyed (and sad too) right now. Why is this event permeating throughout the whole game?. I thought it would be a stand alone “take it or leave it” optional thing but no.

Now, as if my glass cannon Zane wasn’t having enough trouble staying alive (no I don’t have shed loads of the best legendary gear, strange as that might seem to some) he now has to contend with random floating skulls downing him too.

Six weeks until it’s over !?. This isn’t the game I bought and have happily played for the last month. **** this stupid Halloween game. I’m out, at least until this Halloween crap is.


Yeah I thought the same thing about it being stand alone,til I went back to my second run of the campaign on tvhm. Not really bothersome to me,but I understand and feel for you if your build could use some gear upgrades. If you need any help and are on PSN. Add APE-160
I play m-f 0300-0500 and again at 1200-300.
Weekends varies cause family and work overtime. Weekday based off 50 hour work load.


agree 100% this is something that has effected so many games in this style, you don’t want to take part, or maybe you can’t because your gear isn’t up to snuff, but to bad. this is why they have offline mode, but honestly i shouldn’t have to go offline in order to play a game properly. i get the fun of it for some people, but it is no fun for others who aren’t at that point yet.


Seriously gearbox was it too hard to put an option to turn it off? or make it area specific only? i didnt even accepted the mission, didnt talked to maurice. i was busy last 2 days when annointed increase event started. so today i just get into the game to farm some gear on slaughter shaft and this stupid event skulls are everywhere not that i cant kill them. i can still finish m3 slaughter shaft at my normal time but why i have to see all those terror annointments? i am not farming for them if i want them i go play whatever your event is. i just want to play what i BOUGHT not your free crap. And if someone tells me to play offline, why don t you g.f. yourself? i want to play online i paid full price for this game and i want to play the game i bought not full off event crap.


Play offline.


so your answer is to play offline, losing all the quality of life fixes. that’s just charming.


did these offline guys losing their braincells with the ethernet cable too? swear to god they dont even read. if someone says something about drops, they just appear from the ground and types: play offline.


I’m more disappointed at the challenge list.

Kill haunt 25 times(among others) ? With the area being spawn locked until you kill enough enemies to spawn key holder? Bad design in my opinion.

To even get to Captain Haunt you have to collect 25 hecktoplasm. Times that by 25 that’s 625 hecktoplasm to get to kill traunt 25 times.
Times that by 4 characters (if you want to get all challenges and skins) you get where I’m going with this. And that’s only some of the challenges. It’s nothing but a monotonous grind that’s exactly what this game didn’t need…

To top it off. The anointed event week (best week so far in event imho) has been ruined and watered down with anointed terror gear :frowning:

All in all I agree with OPs post and I’m disappointed I have to endure 6 weeks of a different game then I originally set my sights on. Among my other frustrations listed.
I could go on, but what’s the point…


Sadly, I think I’m with you. I finally hit 50 on my Amara character and was looking forward tonight to start working on my TVHM in M2 at 50. However, I’m not wasting my time doing all the missions and getting items that have some pointless anointment on them.

I thought events were supposed to be fun things that made you want to play…instead it looks like I will be taking a B3 break until December. I guess I have to play PUBG or WoW classic or something until this stupid ■■■■ is over. GG GB.


I think I’m just going to farm Gigamind for a few weeks… 1) Even if the adds spawn as ghosts it won’t bother me 2) perhaps I’ll get enough decent gear to make a standalone terror build even after event ends 3) could always get that rare perfect roll on the weapons in looking for

Stick the game on Mayhem 1, Zane will be fine, im a Zane

But one point you made is bang on the money, how the FK are we supposed to collect a load of weps and items without throwing away weeks of grinding out legendry’s, what a complete p*** take

Fix the sodding basics before you launch something that just makes things worse, how sodding hard is it to just give us one more bank tab for ** sake

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Or play online but cancel and delete the patch…that’s what i’ve been doing(start up BL3…exit to cancel download…play for a few hours…when i’m done before exiting BL3 it tries to DL patch again i exit to cancel and delete again…

best thing too? the current mayhem mods that make more annointed drop still works…

i sure ain’t getting that patch and gimping my moze til i at least get some replacement gear


are you serious? i was steamrolling the game last night with zane on m3. bloody harvest literally does jackshit for me


Lucky me I guess.

I don’t have to play the event because any desire I had to play this game got nerfed along with Moze


I have issues with this update ,

  1. where am I going to put the new loot from the event
  2. majority of the loot in the event are event tied so after the event it will most likely useless
  3. bungie leanrt that some people don’t have the time to grind one character let alone 3 so what they made certain grinds account wide after the black armory grind got some iratation and bad feedback
  4. making certain objectives tied to random spawn npcs not good if you are playing in multi player

I like the additions so far and haven’t had to much trouble with the haunted enemies even in Circles of Slaughter. What I am not a huge fan of are the challenges. The Cryo kills on haunted enemies are buggy as hell and can only be done within a limited area with limited spawns forcing you to spend a to of time cycling though getting back to heck just to continue progressing something you may not even going to make good progress on.


This download has proven to be too difficult for me to complete. I have only made it to level 37 on my first playthrough and this download is above any equipment I am carrying. I hope there will be a ‘real easy’ level added in the future.



Um, I trust that wasn’t meant for me @Hexxusz0r ?. I read all your posts regarding Zane avidly and appreciate your insights and advice for him despite you managing to convey a certain “attitude” with almost every post you make.

I know full well that your Zane, with all that ideal gear does indeed steamroller the game. Mine, without the benefit of the games first week of ****ing legendaries from every orifice and using broken gear etc, etc took 15 odd minutes to off Graveward on M3 for the very first time last night with by far his best gun (a lvl 49 hellwalker:joy:). I may be able to shave that down to 14 minutes though if I gitgud a?. Ticks me off that some people seem to assume that everybody must have crushed the game within days of it’s release and therefore should all, naturally, be loaded to the eyeballs with gear they apparently do not have enough space for. 90 slots I believe that is in all, muleless. I, and others I suspect, would consider themselves fortunate to have such a first world problem.

Anyhoo, thanks for your helpful contribution to this post. Peace and out.


If i may help just dm? Hellwalker is not a grave killer gun and i can do regular content with purples i just can’t see how ghost can be a problem they all die 2 hits green ones die in 1.


I’m with you, what reason would anyone have for not providing a way to not be riddled with Halloweenness for 6 weeks? Guess I have to wait until I can get back to the game I liked…a lot. Wasn’t finished with the main story line yet (started all 4 characters at once to enjoy play styles and see what I liked best), and now everything is different, constant horror sounds and those rotten ghost heads, guess it’s good Outer Worlds is out today, I can play that till this Non-opt-out crap is over.