******* bloody harvest!

one of challenges is kill ghost guy 25 times yes ? but each time you kill him you have to reset and start all over again and refarm 25 ghosts first in lectra city which is pain if I got to repeat this quest 25 times over just on one and got other 2 accounts to do as well! opinions on this people ?

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same they should made it after you killed the ghost you don’t have to reset and repeat over and over with mission to kill him again! as want gun and skin on all 3 accounts I main but this hurt :confused:

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yeah ghost guy on mayhem 3 is tank which deals high dps even when using amara I die fast on mayhem 3 so switched to 1 but this event more hassle then its worth I feel now!

That is very easy.
Understand me, the system is similar to that of PoE leagues, where you have to kill the same boss more than 100 times (but you need three bosses for the achievement)

Appreciate the offer @Hexxusz0r. Your Zane posts help me enough as it is albeit I don’t have any of the gear that seems to be integral to any build I have ever seen anywhere. Yes, I am well aware that a lvl 49 hellwalker is not a recommended Grave killer but having tried out just about all I have on him, it continues to be noticeably, the best I can muster.

Also yes, those skulls are (mostly) easily poppable but they are time and therefore dps wasting distractions when I am trying to direct my little but just about adequate firepower on offing an anointed or some 360 no-scope rocket launching dudes/dudette. My beef is that this content is inescapable for 6 frickin weeks and not in it’s own dedicated spot for those that do wish to participate in such jolly Halloween japes and fundamentally changes the game from the one I bought and hearted muchly just as it was.


Well sadly coding it to be optional was probably too much or impossible.i am not a big fan either but i can tell you what are some cheaply available great guns for mobbing and with that you can farm guns for bossing bl is always about progress. I also start by farming mayhem 2 lower tier bosses and beefed up in 2 daya. I farmed graveward with level 45 non elemental lyuda for a whole day )) i am sure u will beef up soon enough

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I’m not quite as negative on the event as you are but I do agree to an extent. It’s fun right now but I can definitely see myself getting over this wayyyy before the 6 weeks is up. A week or 2 at most. I understand that doesn’t give those that can’t play often a lot of time with the event.

I wish they just activated terror, the buffs and everything this event brings while in Heck and just put a fast travel station there and make it permanently available. Sorta like the Headhunter locations in BL2.


I think the event is decent, but it goes until December. A lot of people aren’t going to want to play Halloween Borderlands for that long, so not micropatching (which also eliminates anything good in the current micropatch, for instance the anniversary events) being the only method of playing the normal game is a bad idea. They shouldn’t run events concurrently if this is how they are always going to be implemented.


anyone else experiencing this:
i’ve read we were supposed to be given two free heads available in the new u station on sanctuary but there’re not there for me

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Odd they are there for me. One is an oldfashioned tv set and one looks like a giant baloon. I have heard that they are only active if the online patch is active but not sure. A friend of mine didn’t see them until he got his new vh to Sanctuary III. However if they still haven’t shown up you could always submit a ticket with tech support and see what happens.

Headhunter DLC’s accomplished that just fine. There is no reason this couldn’t just be in a new location and stay there. But hey ghosts for thanksgiving too… I love this game, but so many questionable decisions that quite frankly don’t make sense.

This event doesn’t really bother me, except for watering down the annointed gear that’s dropping this week. They destroyed the loot pool with crappy new legendaries in BL1 remaster also. So far aside from the actual gameplay, GBX isn’t doing too well with “new”.


Yeah I really thought it was going to be a 100% self-contained thing like the TK Baha Headhunter DLC. But nope, it’s like a Halloween virus has infected Borderlands 3.

The hell of it is, I like it. I enjoy some good ol’ Halloween BL DLC like Zombie Island or the aforementioned Headhunter pack. I like going on mobbing runs to collect the hecktoplasm and all that. But I only want to do it on my two characters who are at endgame, I don’t want to deal with all the terror stuff with the new FL4K I’d started on a couple days ago. I just want to do the vanilla campaign with them. It’s really irksome that it’s completely forced on players for 6 weeks.


Yeah, I wanted to focus on my TVHM playthroughs at 50 for gear and XP but I really don’t want this event mucking up my drops with stupid event crap. So instead of just putting the game down for a month I decided to start leveling a new character. I have already completed story mode twice so I don’t really care about story mode being disrupted.

I have to say though that the stupid skulls are annoying to deal with on a new character with limited SDUs and gear. I don’t want to keep wasting ammo and adding more reloads for no reason. The novelty of the skulls wore off almost instantly.

Really wish you could turn it off. I will likely end up putting the game down until this is over if they don’t patch this out soon.


For me, it’s plain and simple: the terror gear is really off-putting. It’s distracting, undesirable, and until it’s gone, I’ve lost interest in playing the game.

I wish it wasn’t the case.


Wow…i admire the patience the dev team has with you guys


Imagine the patience of the players who paid good money to be beta testers.


lol, you must not be a destiny 2 player, 5 years and there are still bugs that were from d1 release. people complained about them being fixed to no avail. let’s hope that gearbox doesn’t do the same because I have no issues dropping a game if it turns into garbage from bad design decisions. I left destiny once this game released because of shadowkeep being hot garbage, I will do the same with this game and take my money elsewhere. 5 years of being a beta tester for bungie and the game still is not where it should be. :man_shrugging:


Imagine being so disrespectful to yourself and the community you’d call us Beta Testers. The Game is finished, Gearbox could just never add anything to it again if they pleased. This community needs to stop being so entitled and appreciate the amount of content we’re getting from a ■■■■■■■ anniversary event.


The game is finished? Why are there hotfixes and patches nerfing the everlasting Christ out of things every week then?

Why can’t I open a menu without the game suddenly turning into a PowerPoint presentation?

Why are numerous skills for various vault hunters flat out not working?

Why can’t I mark items as favourite or junk in the laggy inventory?

Why are people losing their entire inventory from their bank?

Sorry but you must have really low standards to even suggest this is a complete game.


your correct, this particular game hasn’t even been out very long and for people to be saying they are beta testers is a little hasty. there are a ton of bugs in bl3 for sure, I’m sure that’s what people are referring to but just being a little dramatic. all these balance tweaks are things that should happen in beta testing though, I mean, if they released the game with builds that they later neuter for being way too op, doesn’t that mean it wasn’t tested enough if at all?

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