Bloody Mess Burst Kit -- who to use it on?

It is an attack damage item with movement speed on the side.

It gives up to 13.65% attack damage when your health is below 25%. I mean up to as in the roll, not a reverse effect of the Symbiotic Gauntlet.

Though I’d think it’d be cool if it it was an 18% boost rather than 13.65%… it used to be 9.10 at max roll before the WU.

Seems fit for a rogue. Pendles maybe? But if you’re low health with him, you probably want to get outta dodge. Maybe Rath to help that lifesteal?

Someone with a big shield (Kleese, Toby, ISIC) or long range (Marquis, Whiskey Foxtrot) to keep then safe while their health is low… but honestly you’re better off just using the Symbiotic Gauntlet.

It’s much safer to play the “keep my health high to do more damage” meta-game than to play “keep my health low to do more damage.”

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I feel like the Symbio Gauntlet and Bola’s Target Finder and stuff are cheesy and overused, so I like trying out other gear.

You’re not supposed to keep your health low with the Burst Kit, it’s just to give you some help if you’re in a desperate situation, which isn’t all the time but I run into it often. The Burst Kit can possibly help you worry less about diving, too, I think. It sounds like it’s meant for assassins – they can fight longer before having to flee/use their escape if they have the Burst Kit.

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That’s partly why I don’t like the Burst Kit. The bonus is far too small and conditional to be useful. For most characters, being below 25% health means you are going to die soon.

For a character with 2,000 health (around where most characters are at), you would have to be below 500. At this point, you should be running away (you should have run away long ago, in fact), not trying to engage the enemy while nearly dead.

The idea being the Burst Kit is okay, but in application it’s just a very expensive attack damage gear with a movement speed secondary. The bonus is far too conditional to be relied on, and the condition is far too perilous to actually be able to save you in most scenarios.

I do think that the bonus should be heightened, to maybe even 25% bonus. 25% is a high bonus but with the Burst Kit it’s clearly supposed to be high risk, high reward type stuff.

Yes, I agree. A higher bonus or a higher low health threshold, like 50%, and this gear would be a LOT better

I would think it’d be better if the Low health threshold was raised from 25% to 50%.

At 25% you’re more than likely attempting to retreat, get healed, back to base, the movement speed ontop of it seems to also support such a thing. Yet the thing seems to want you to do some “last stand” sacrificial thing and go out guns-blazing…which is fine but counter-intuitive for playing the game properly. Unless the damage bonus was absurdly high to guarantee you take a person or two with you, I don’t think it’d be worth it.

At 50% or even 35% health, you can at least make some use of its full potential before making the smart decision to retreat, heal up, or back to base.

As stated already, the Symbiotic Gauntlet is way better since it promotes a healthy gameplay style which is the complete opposite of what the Burst kit is promoting.

It’s actually not good on anyone really.

The only people that could make use of it and not worry about dying are Ambra, Kelvin, and SaA.

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Also, i love that it’s a Fallout reference.

Bloody Mess was a trait / perk that would make your enemies die in the most gruesome possible way.



I was gonna say that it would be pretty good on Montana if he had a Miko buddy sticking with him, but then I thought “what isn’t?”

I’m assuming it scales to 13.65% based on how much health you have, down to 25%. I can see it working on some characters with self-shielding options but, honestly, 13% just doesn’t seem worth it.

I like the Caldarius suggestion, maybe Kelvin as well. Possibly Reyna, but I feel like there are better options out there.

If you are under the 25% threshold you have the damage.

If you are not under 25% you don’t have the damage.

So being pocketed by Miko wouldn’t allow you to pop the item. Now if like Ambra or Reyna were your supports you could easily activate the item and still be within the 25% and use it.

I think it should be 40%. 50% health is a bit too high since people are freq at 50, and 30% is too low.