Bloom? Is this normal?

Yep - I remember a reviewer explaining the game gets quite confusing in 4 player with all the effects going. I am running through with my BF, and I often run away from where he is fighting so I can find an enemy. Also you can make that better by dialing in you HDR settings and few others.

HDR was off, turning it on did not fix it.

I was talking about the settings that control contrast and brightness, along with a ton of other settings in Video. HDR just means the game can tell your monitor the color timing and lot of other stuff so you don’t have to set it in options and manually on your monitor.

Also from that screen shot not sure what trigger the blue, if its the sun, a shot or what. Depending on what it is you may need to:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that bad while driving a vehicle. What were you driving, and did you by any chance hit and explode a barrel?

Driving the outrunner, no barrels. The bloom originates from the blue fire from the exhaust when boosting. When not boosting the exhausts occasionally flash with a puff of fire which also triggers the crazy bloom for a split second. Boosting causes the bloom effect to stay active until I cease boosting. When playing FL4K, using Rakk attack the red special effect causes a similar albeit red colored bloom effect which seems to linger and flicker for about 2 seconds.

All I can say is, if your graphics driver has an ‘emulate XB1’ setting, that would probably do the trick. Of course, you’d then be stuck with 30 fps 1080p…

Is it actually a lighting bloom effect, or is it a particle one? The boost exhaust on XB1 doesn’t look as smooth as that, so maybe tweaking some of the fx settings might reduce the intensity? Otherwise yes, I’d definitely send that screen shot in to the support desk - not being able to see your vehicle (never mind where it’s going) isn’t what you’d call optimal.

Damn, considering I play at 4k 144hz, That kind of downgrade would be unbearable for me :C

I’ll see what I can do with some other settings.

Uploaded 2 short videos showcasing the bug.

Should I submit a ticket then?

Ouch - the bloom on the first one every time the vehicle backfired hurt my eyes even at embedded forum size on my laptop…

If none of the visual fx settings change it, then it might be worth sending it in - up to you.

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Yeah I sent it in, thanks.