Blow s*** up and chill?

Due to the unanimously badass upcoming Borderlands 3, I’ve since gotten back into playing Borderlands 2. To that end, I’ve come to realize a lot of the friends I used to play the game with do not share the same enthusiasm. To that end I am putting this ad up on the ECHOnet, in hopes of finding those who will indiscriminately murder and pillage with me. So don’t be a 0. Be a badass.

So, breakdown. Looking for people to play with. Main is only 56(Mechromancer), and I am fine with starting new games, and I have all the DLCs. I also would prefer using voice, as I believe it helps enhance the fun.(I use Discord mainly, though I am fine with Steam calls, etc.) Content-wise, I’m fine with whatever. Bosses, quests, DLCs, etc. Doesn’t bother me none what we do. The game is better with people. If you are interested, either add me on steam; Raen Elvarasi(Look for the picture of a planet with an eclipse.), or just reply here.

I am game to do that. I’mma level 61 Commando and I use discord too.

Sounds good, man. Hit me up on Steam or at Raen Elvarasi#2736 on Discord and we can figure out a good time.