Blow through or grind?

Hey guys, so i have recently started playing again on ps4 after playing on 360. What i was wondering is do you guys think i should blow through and try to get to UVHM as fast as i can or grind guns and gear along the way?

I would think they get useless pretty quick if not at max level. They do help while im playing now but they will be trash in a few levels when a better purple or blue with better stats dropped. I have read that UVHM isnt a joke, so i want good gear going in but not something thats levels lower just for the sake of it being orange.

Any help from you guys that play at high levels would be appriciated, I dont want to waste hours farming just to trash stuff and that is where im leaning. I just dont want to get to UVHM and be gimped and not be able to kill anything because my carry over guns cant get the job done. Any help with this would be awesome.

If you want to get to uvhm as quickly as possible, I would blow thru. In normal use what you acquire from missions and drops. In true, use same, as well as vending machines through out Pandora and the golden key loot chest in sanctuary every 2 levels for gear. This should get you to uvhm with very little trouble. Good luck!