Blowing off some steam; I hate Pendles

First; I don’t really think he needs nerfs. He is a fairly well rounded character, even if some people have gear or something that makes him as tough to kill with crits as Reyna with body shots. Anyways, this isn’t a call for nerfs.
Its a complaint about randoms. Pugs. Tards.
I’m tired of getting ganked by Pendles on our thrall pad. On overgrowth, I could Knock him off the edge using Alani’s wave + off hand melees… Except both barely push him back. I could bubble him, except… Then he is still on the pad. So what do I do? I tag him, jump around like a lunatic, desperately trying to sustain while he shreds through me like butter. My teammates will surely see the tagged Pendles and come running. Right?
Wrong. Oscar and Whiskey walked right by and let me die.
Later, I escorted Montana to the thrall pad, killed the thrall, and then noticed the pad wasn’t making progress. Cloaked Pendles was standing on it, so I started water bolting him, but he stayed cloaked. Our Montana than walked away, and then I got crushed.
At this point of impatience, I called for a surrender. Our Sentry was 2 points from death, we had 5 kills(all mine), and the enemy team was farming is. I wasn’t having fun, I hate these people, let’s just end it and move on.
They completely ignored my vote and watched my get ganked Rath/Pendles/Reyna right in front of them. They chose to shoot minions. I quit.
So what’s the purpose of this story? As much as I don’t think Pendles needs a nerf, I do think the combination of him and R-tards in random teams is killing the fun for me. I miss not having Pendles in the game, back when I could carry with nearly any character and not really have to worry about how bad my matchmaking luck is.
In the end, I think I might buy Overwatch.

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So I think this is more of a complaint about bad teammates then?


Yeah. Yeah, it really is. I can stand bad teammates if there isn’t a good/devilish Pendles on the enemy team.

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If you like Alani, paly Orendi to counter Pendles. Orendi owns him and their play styles are similar enough

People were getting complacent / lazy.

Adapt or die.

It’s evolution, baby!


Use a mic to tell your teammates whats up.

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Have you tried using the on-line play section for your platform (or the unofficial Battleborn Discord site) to try and team up? Even a team of less-experienced players who were, at least, communicating, would probably be a better experience.

I’m not sure that the player base for that game is going to be any different if you are still going with random teams?

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I feel you, but sounds more of an Oscar, Whiskey and Monty problem to me …

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Well Sir,


It is a major peeve of mine that people complain about lack of teamwork but won’t get on the mic. OP didn’t mention if he had a mic but if not, he has no room to complain.



Mics are funny in Battleborn.

I’ve been tending to stay off mine lately unless im specifically playing with friends (great matches yesterday by the way @easplund and @lostkrouu ) but if some serious s**t or a crazy intense match is going down, I’ll plug mine in and start talking.

Many times, suddenly, like my whole team will go on mic and start talking!


So yeah, have your mic at hand.

Even if you don’t hear back from your team mates, they generally CAN hear you and will sometimes even listen and help!

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For what it’s worth, OW won’t be much better. It’s equally as fun to be constantly flanked and burst down by a Reaper or Genji, with the rest of your team ignoring your frequent callouts to group up or defend the objective. I’d reckon you’d spend just as much, if not more, time respawning in OW from flanks because of the much lower TTK.

Agreed on the mic. I’m usually shyer on mic but in this game I notice people tend to listen more often when you say something. Not always ofc.


I had a mic, but it’s not like I was talking a while lot. I called out Pendles and tagged him.

I actually REALLY love this game. I just find myself getting really frustrated with it lately.

Would the discord site be applicable to Xbone?
Imma check it out.


Want to love Pendles?

Here’s the fix:
Play normal or advanced Helio, he’s a blast on that and you can learn so much about spawn points and AI.


Title’s a bit confusing, eh?

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A lot of the problem stems from this game being geared toward younger audiences and at the same time has a competitive oriented pvp which tends to draw in competitive people. Fun loving children mixed in with competitive adults is just not good.

Ha, that’s funny you said that. I got really annoyed at a Toby player on my team that just seemed down right suicidal. It had to be someone’s toddler that picked him BC he is “cute”.

I almost wish there were age brackets in games if it were feasible.

That would be best for everyone if such a system could be devised.

Just play Ambra and wreck his ■■■■ every time he tries to do his ■■■■■■ shenanigans. Ambra has 2 ways to de cloak him 1 is basically a death sentence on him and the other is a huge deterrent since anyone near the sunspot gets revealed.

True story had this happen yesterday, but I crushed that game with Ghalt…

Well the losing isn’t the same but the whole thrall pad thing is. Without a strong AoE move you can’t force him off the pad and shooting him is usually next to pointless. This is also why i duo almost every game thst and lvl 5’s.

Yeah, the thing I find most frustrating, is when the pings do not work!!

This happens so often now, despite the fact they said it was fixed, that it is increasingly difficult to communicate the simplest of things, like: “someone’s here”, or “kill this turret”.

Very frustrating.