[BLPS] Looking for end-game equipment (ANSWERED)

EDIT: already received most all equipment and there is no need to trade for more.

I’m having a painful time trying to get some equipment and thought I’d send out an SOS lol. I have a bunch of lv70 weapons to trade for stuff. If you’d be willing to help, I’d appreciate it and also a big thanks in advance. Go ahead and message me on PSN.
PSN ID: Zethren527
I’m looking for…

-Viral Marketer (lv70)
-Proletarian Revolution (lv70)
-Berrigan (lv70)

-Rerouter (lv70)
-Kala (lv70)
-Prismatic Bulwark (lv70)
-Avalanche (lv70)
-The Shooting Star (lv70)
-Black Hole (lv70)

Grenade Mods
-Bouncing Bazza (lv70)
-Leech (lv70)