BLTPS- Game stays offline and freezes when using a controller

So, the title says it all. When playing the game with mouse and keyboard there is no issue. But when I start the game with a controller attached it is in offline mode and when starting on a character the game freezes and displays a large error message talking about missing files. I’ve upgraded to WIN 10 since the last time I played and the controller use to work fine.

Update… SO the issue is that when the game is started using a controller (whether plugged in when the game starts or plugged in at the loading screen) it thinks that it is an xbox. That explains the loss of connection. I found this out by browsing the menus when trying to add shift keys the error said that I was not connected to xbox live. Now I just need a way for the game to registered that I’m on PC but using a controller. Any ideas? (Note also does this on Borderlands 2)