BLTPS Lf a low lvl Celestial Doppelganger com

I’m lvl 35 so Lf a low lvl com have nothing from tps to trade but lots from bl2
Psn iceman7591

3 Purple class mods (any) in the grinder with Moonstone, and you get a Legendary class mod for your character.

What lol is this guaranteed?

Yes, if you moonstone grind. Just make sure all the class mods you grind are your level, the grinder gives a level based on the average level of the 3 things you use.

Ty does this method have a chance to be celestial or just legendary doppelganger?

To be clear, if you do it on a Doppelganger, you will get the Celestial Doppelganger. You get the Celestial class mod of the class you are at the time of the grind.


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