[BLTPS] Need help defeating RKS (Solved)

Ive been bashing my brains up against the wall with this one, I’ve tried repeatedly to kill the damn thing alone but I cant even get close. I’ve got it down to half health before I die and it heals.

I’ve never really co-oped before so sorry in advance.

I’m a level 27 Sheriff and username is JazStormborn.

I can help but I’m on in the evenings 10:30 est.
Have you tried a corrosive sniper? Even a green one will do significant damage.

PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Hey thank you! Yeah i have a corrosive sniper but I kept getting killed by the enemies on the ground while trying to take the ship.

But i actually just randomly got help last night and beat the whole game! But thanks for offering c:

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