BLTPS: Worst DLC Evah!

BLTPS: Worst DLC Evah! Agreed?

So I’ve been pondering my season pass. Was it worth it?

My introduction from Borderlands came from my brother who sent me the GOTY edition because he wanted someone to play with him. I was hooked. I picked Lilith and played the crap out of that game.

When BL2 came along, I enjoyed the product so much that I willingly pre-ordered it, which I never do, and bought the season pass (SP). While I felt Captain Scarlet was a weak pack, I felt the rest was awesome and Mr. Torque was a definite improvement over Moxie’s Underdome. Again, played the crap out of it and even grabbed the headhunter packs. Loved it!

Enter BLTPS. I played the Holodome and felt that Moxie’s was better, but I understood that some fans really like that style of play so they were probably catering to them; I understand. So to me the Holodome was DLC #1 for BLTPS. And I thought it sucked. I played through it by myself with my Claptrap, whom I’ve spec’d to be one bad mutha. But then I had the misfortune of listening to this interview on IGN about the new Baroness DLC where the writer claimed that a new character was better than maps/missions as it added more gameplay.* F#~%~ You! What a waste. I want campaigns. I want new maps. Dr. Ned? Awesome! Robolution? I loved it! Torque and Tiny Tina? EXPLOSIONS and MAGIC! I kept waiting for more DLC to hit, not realizing that 2K/GBX* viewed the Doppleganger as DLC. (When I say DLC I mean SP worthy material, characters, to me, ARE NOT SP WORTHY MATERIAL!) I wanted 4 maps/areas like I got in BL1 and BL2. Two characters and a Colosseum-style DLC is crap.

2K/GBX hooked me with BL, I shelled out for BL2 and was not disappointed (on the whole), but they have screwed the pooch with BLTPS. If the next DLC is awesome and makes up for all of this, I’ll edit this post; but I doubt it.

As for the next Borderlands, Pre-Order? Forget about it. Season Pass? F^%& No! I have a wife and can go sex her up. 3:) I’ll wait for GOTY or grab the game once it drops to $20-30.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

*GBX writer, Anthony Burch @ 9:25 - 10:22, as well as the PR person, Jennifer Heinser @ 13:20, refer to this as 3 of 4.

Cool story bro.

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I agree that this is a disappointing season pass. The problem is that neither side of the equation developer or customer had a very realistic idea of what they wanted.

Customers want all the DLC for borderlands 2 under one price tag. The large amount of skins, 4 campaigns, 2 characters, 2 uvh packs, and 5 headhunter pack was a lot of DLC and so we’re looking for a better deal naturally. The problem is there is no realistic model of including all that DLC in a single pack so we’re only going to get certain pieces if there not allowed individual DLC release. For all the anti-DLC talk that exists in gaming, there’s no guarantee that a single piece of DLC content would be produced if there’s no system for charging for add ons and bonuses.

Then we got GBX saying that due to complaints they are trying to include a larger variety of DLC in the season pass due to complaints from BL2. They approached it as if people were complaining about the season pass only containing campaigns instead of it being complaints about the overall amount of DLC added. So now we’ve got 2 characters, a UVHM, and a campaign scheduled for the season pass and no information about further content being produced for the game.

It’s a game of developers post game DLC support and our reactions to that product and hopefully GBX grabs the message and realizes that they can cut out the massive amount of skin DLC’s and keep up with the content DLC and still have a cheery player base. Or as close to a cheery player base as they’ll ever have while mismanaging their twitter accounts.

No, the complaints about the BL2 season pass were about how characters weren’t included. There was a lot of anguish from people annoyed at having to pay for them separately.

Also, turn off your snarc. It’s not welcome here.

You talking to me? Cause I didn’t mean any snark and would not be able to place what you mean without more specifics.

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Yes, I mean you. The comments about gearbox staff managing Twitter accounts.

Alright, I don’t see it as snark. Gearbox has employees that use social media in such a way where they are constantly fighting with people hate baiting them. Social Media is a huge part of our society and the dangers of individual user accounts being thought of as company representation is a very real thing. I’ve read through multiple twitter chains that all feature behavior that would be thought of as a demerit when applying for a higher position including instances of people being told to eat entire ***es and employees having a go with people that want nothing but to make them act as irresponsibly as possible. Social Media is a huge part of GBX’s problems and is something that will need to be addressed sooner than later. I 100% believe they are helping to keep themselves in that cycle and could make great strives in their image by managing their twitter accounts better.

Anyway, I just wanted to expand since it wasn’t supposed to be snarky, but part of their behavior that I find problematic. Now that I’ve got a chance to explain what I mean better I will drop the issue.

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So far I’m not really impressed with the DLC, but that can change. The Claptrap campaign has the potential to knock our socks off and I’m very excited to see what craziness awaits us.

Yeah I know what you mean OP.

Sometimes I walk into the restaurant and order a steak. After I finish the appetizers and side dishes I leave without trying the steak. On my way home I make sure to leave a 1 star review on Zagat. Everybody wins.


i played “wait and see” with the Season’s Pass because Gearbox/2K refused to state specifically what was in it.

i’m glad i played “wait and see”.

when the Season’s Pass goes on sale for $10 in 2 years or when the GOTY Edition that includes all the DLC goes on sale for $10 i’ll buy it.

the price of BLTPS is falling like a rock.

it was $60 on release and now it is $30 just 4 months later on a Steam Sale.

as far as teh moaning, whining and complaining about this Season’s Pass goes.
keeping in mind Gearbox’s history with Aliens and Duke Nuke’em…
i have a simple 2 word reply to the whiners, moaners, and complainers.

“caveat emptor”

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Well, I preordered TPS for $40 when it came out, I enjoy it but I agree with you, I’m waiting to season pass price drop. Also, since Jack and Holodome isn’t something for me, I’m thinking about skipping them.
PS: Season Pass was for $13 yesterday on G2A, but I was lazy and I played BL1 instead :smiley:

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That’s what I’m playing. :sunglasses:


I appreciate how you added to the conversation!

However I will have to politely disagree with you. To me, the last DLC in the SP in not the steak.
Your analogy does not hold. If anything is the “main course/steak” it’s the actual game, which was fine.

You’re right. I broke my own rules on pre-orders and season passes because I loved the first one and the second one delivered.

Borderlands was the only franchise I have ever done that with; sadly I doubt I’d ever do that again.

BL1. Good choice…

I think I shall have to do that too.

In respect to the Season Pass, which is pretty much your thread is about. I think my analogy stands.

The vanilla TPS game would be what you had for lunch the day before going to the restaurant.
The vanilla BL2 game would be what you had for dinner the day before going to the restaurant.

But anyway, I will reserve my opinion until every piece of content is out for the Season Pass. There is a lot riding on this campaign DLC, I would say that at least.

I’ll give you that. It will be interesting to see where the campaign takes us.
As for your food analogy, let’s just agree to disagree.

The point of my post, however, was whether or not the Season Pass (SP) was worth it.

Perhaps shame on me for saying “DLC” instead of “Season Pass” in my post title.

For those of you mulling it over, if I had to do it all over again, I would have skipped the season pass. Hopefully this forthcoming campaign will be worth downloading.

IMHO DLC 1, 2, & 3 of the SP have NOT been of the same caliber as they were for BL1 nor BL2.

I know, but they are doing things differently because people wanted class to be included in the season pass. So instead of doing a so-so multiple campaign DLC, we have one big massive one. Again I am waiting to see what they do. Randy did mention during PAX that the TPS campaign DLC has twice the budget of Tiny Tina’s Assault of Dragon Keep. It may be only $10 cut on the Season Pass, but it might very well be as big if not bigger than combined DLC 1, 2 and 3 for BL2.

Interesting. I don’t have the luxury of time to keep up on this type of stuff so I will defer to you. I guess I’m just having a hard time seeing how the last DLC of the SP is going to absolve GBX/2K of all their sins.

I guess I just feel like Megatron right now.

Great talk guys. If you ever see me online, feel free to join!

You can never go wrong with BL1.

But the problem was people that in my opinion were ignorant and entitled being mad that the season pass of bl2 didn’t include every single dlc even though it was clearly advertised as the 4 campaigns and already a ridiculously good value. The extra dlc came out because people were still having a good time and craving more. Now I know the characters came out before some of the other dlc but I’m fine with a season pass not including everything if it is clearly advertised.

The second problem is that TPS was never meant to be a full game like 1 or 2. It’s filler and they aren’t looking to develop 4 campaign dlc for it.

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I appreciate your viewpoint and understand that this is how a lot of folks feel. But for me, An old soldier used to breaking things down in simple form.

  1. is this a good game …yes
  2. Is this game as good as BL2… No…but there are several qualifiers. The first is that we haven’t even gotten through all of the advertised DLC. And I think ultimate judgment should be passed based on the final DLC. And some much publicized coming corrections to the game like making more bosses farmable.
  3. Is the cost per hour of entertainment that I have received from this game totally worth it?..Yes

It’s more borderlands! And it has some neat and unique features like the addition of lasers and cryo cosiderations as well as the low gravity environment and oxygen considerations. So when you add that together it is ridiculously cheap for the amount of hours of pure entertainment that I have gotten from this game.

Could it be better? Sure

Oh and I honestly think you are kidding when you say you will not pre-order BL3. Mine will be on preorder with season pass the microsecond after it is released

Will TPS get better? I think so and put me in as one of the hopefuls.