Blue and the fabled tortoise

I’m trying to farm him and it seems some of his loot gets stuck under him. Anybody have the same?

Got yout moved to a more appropriate section. Youll get more answers here. :smile_cat:

I knew I was going to get moved lol there a glitch on the forums or my phone that sometimes won’t let me scroll the topics and it just scrolls the screen behind it

Don’t kill him immediatly, wait until he is moving towards you, the loot usually drops towards the wall but i’ve seen the loot fly miles away in the acid if you kill him too fast.

I’ve seen the loot by the wall but sometimes there isn’t any guess it flew into the acid. Damn rng and gravity

What does Blue drop? The tortoise?

Yes the fabled tortoise

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed him drop any loot