Blue Cheese, a Maya Build

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Some commentary, while on lunch break:

  • With Thoughtlock builds, you get the same Converge + Ruin effect, but then enemies often run TO each other, instead of trying to spread back out. It is an especially awesome effect when you TL something like a Rabid Skag, Ironclad, or Rabid Stalker. This allows you to use area attacks or Chain Reaction very easily. A weapon like a Harold or Thunderball Fists quickly burns groups down once clumped up this way.

  • Speed runs are VERY easy with this build. A quick swap into Breakneck Banshee + Rough Rider gives you 6/5 Fleet, and the added luxury of being able to TL pre-spawned enemies in your path so that they beat each other up as you happily run past (while soaking up +3% health per second from Elated). This is especially effective for runs like the WEP/LLM run, or getting to Jackenstein or BNK3R very quickly.

  • for what I’d call semi-speed runs, the core build already rocks the Legendary Siren, so you can TL a pre-spawned enemy, watch it draw aggro, and enjoy your speed boost as you run by the group.

  • COM swap to a Blurred Trickster, Thoughtlock an ad, and unload with Pimpernel + 11/5 Chain Reaction on a boss. Just like a Twisted Pimp type of build, except that you have 5/5 Quicken, so you can do it more frequently, and you have the boss attacking ads instead of you.

I am just curious why you chose to go with an Emperor (Shock) SMG, given that the Fire Rate is either 5.5 or 6.1 (Flying Emperor). While the Emperor’s base damage is good, it has the lowest Fire Rate of any SMG. You would probably be better off with a Flying Sand Hawk (Shock), Proactive Bitch (Shock), Brisk Avenger (Shock), Proactive Plasma Caster (Shock), Proactive Yellow Jacket (Shock), Impetuous Plasma Caster (Shock), Impetuous Florentine (Slag / Shock) or even a Bladed Tattler (Shock), which has the highest potential dmg of any SMG and would synergize very well when you switch to a Blurred Trickster COM / Blurred Trickster COM (for 11/5 or 10/5 Chain Reaction).

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Easy answer:

I don’t gib gear, and the game hasn’t seen fit to give me a Bitch in any flavor, I haven’t bothered to go hard after a Tattler, etc. Basically, it’s what I have at the moment. I do use plasma casters pretty frequently.

As for the Sand Hawk… My shock one isn’t ‘Flying’, and the Emperor is very, very good at putting rounds on the money without getting juked. For slow movers, Sand Hawk all day.

In actual use, the Emperor kills very efficiently and requires few reloads, and is pretty ammunition efficient because of the damage per round and rare misses. It works great, honestly. I’d probably only bump it for a shock Avenger or Bitch.