Blue lvl 46 Protuberance better than most lvl 50 legendaries

So, I found a lvl 46 Torgue shotgun with insane elemental damage, which suited my elemental Amara build just fine.
The protuberance fires one projectile in an arc and explodes into three projectiles upon impact, which arc away a very short distance and leave an elemental cloud behind.
Even in lvl 50 TVHM, the damage from that gun is enough for almost every enemy.

Still, one always wants the better version and Marcus had a level 50 Protuberance on sale. It looked like this:

The level 50 version was much worse than the level 46 one, which makes me wonder: Did I grab a bugged gun? Or do the prefixes make all the difference?


No, parts and prefix make a difference to weapons, the same as in every other Borderlands game.

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I know that. But there are limits to what they can do.
The difference I see here is 600% and 700% for gun damage and elemental effects.

That’s a lot of nuts

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Wow, i just found the same weapon but with 6k damage and 13k dot dmg… hopefully this gun doesnt get nerfed


holy ■■■■ …
this must be a bug. enjoy while it lasts.

oh, and btw: the damage is real. stand too close and one shot will kill you, even if you only get grazed by it. if the elemental effect procs, then you are gone.

This gun carries me, it shreds everything. 340k+ crits with an amara elemental build.


incledible, ain’t it?

And to think that all the other players still believe that legendaries are the best …

Insane, 20k dot dmg… using Transformer shield with 100% electricity shield recover makes me nearly invincible.

Nerf iiiiincooomiiiiing.

nah, first gearbox has to find out about it.
And right now, not even the loot crazed community knows about it, apart from the very very few people who read this here.

Are these images from online mode or offline mode? As Gearbox already nerfed shotguns with alien barrel in the first hotfix:

E-Tech shotgun elemental damage has been reduced from “flesh off your bones” to “a lot”.

The photo I posted was taken on offline mode, however my game is fully up to date as a switch between online and offline often

Just to confirm that this isn’t a glitch, ive taken a pic of another lesser version of the gun that ive found. I got this from Graveward on mayhem 3, i don’t know if its a world drop or not but that’s where I got mine. Hopefully this stays under the radar, because im having so much fun with these. Got a bank full of legendaries and nothing comes close.

i found the first one on my first regular normal playthrough. so it’s just a regular drop.

Although … I spent maybe 1000 elerium with the gun gun to get another one, but no luck.

Im looking for other examples of people finding this but it seems nobody is talking / knows about it. When i search for it on google, I get this page and a youtube vid of a lvl 17 Protuberance.

hmmm… maybe if I renamed the thread to BEST GUN IN THE ENTIRE GAME EVER !!!

Hotfixes are not stored on your harddrive. They only exist in the system memory, get downloaded when you start the game in online mode and get discarded when you close the game.

But I tested it myself, they already got nerfed.



Ice weapon:

  • offline: 10250 damage
  • online: 3661 damage

Fire weapon:

  • offline: 8788 damage, 17796 damage per second
  • online: 3139 damage, 2825 damage per second

So with the first hotfix the base damage got reduced by -65% and the damage over time got reduced by -85%.

Aw I see, so when I play online my gun gets nerfed because the patch is applied? Damn.