Blue lvl 46 Protuberance better than most lvl 50 legendaries

Im looking for other examples of people finding this but it seems nobody is talking / knows about it. When i search for it on google, I get this page and a youtube vid of a lvl 17 Protuberance.

hmmm… maybe if I renamed the thread to BEST GUN IN THE ENTIRE GAME EVER !!!

Hotfixes are not stored on your harddrive. They only exist in the system memory, get downloaded when you start the game in online mode and get discarded when you close the game.

But I tested it myself, they already got nerfed.



Ice weapon:

  • offline: 10250 damage
  • online: 3661 damage

Fire weapon:

  • offline: 8788 damage, 17796 damage per second
  • online: 3139 damage, 2825 damage per second

So with the first hotfix the base damage got reduced by -65% and the damage over time got reduced by -85%.

Aw I see, so when I play online my gun gets nerfed because the patch is applied? Damn.

Yes, the regular patches only fix performance stuff. The “balance changes” (aka “nerfs”) are all available as hotfixes that get applied in online mode. But as these changes are temporary you can un-nerf your weapons again by going offline.

mind you, even the nerfed version is unbelievably powerful, especially if you have a shock version and the Transformer shield. That way you don’t kill yourself with the gun but even restore your shields instantly by several thousand points.

I know that because I use the sad lvl 46 version in TVHM.

It still has a firerate of 1.0 and uses 4 ammo per shot. There are a lot of other weapons that are on the same level of DPS or beyond that. But I see the utility with the Transformer shield.

I also have a shock version in my bank … maybe I try it with the Transformer:

But also the Hyperion version is very good:

Less base damage, but higher firerate, higher damage over time and only needs 2 ammo per shot. It also does big splash damage which you can use to refill your Transfomer shield.

Test it out and tell us which is better.
I don’t know what the Hyperion gun does, but the torque splits into three mini grenades on impact, meaning it can potentially hit 4 times.

The Hyperion “Host” bounces off the ground multiple times and does splash damage on its path, but it’s hard to see how much each explosion does. The Torgue “Protuberance” as you said splits into multiple grenades, that do minimal additional damage.

I did some tests on Online TVHM Mayhem III with neutral Mayhem damage modifiers. The performance on both guns was almost the same. They both shoot in an arc, so it can be tricky to use. But the damage for both was quite underwelming. Both can be used to refill your shields in combination with the Transformer. But its not a good weapon to use on everything as it just needs too much time to burn trough flesh and armor (at least for me). Try to get a matching element version and you are fine.

As a general purpose weapon I would use the physical version - the “Poney”:

Regarding DPS the alien barrel shotguns get outperformed by the alien barrel assault rifles - at least on Moze (which I used for testing):

Ignore the damage on the item card. It works like a flamethrower/laser that increases in damage the longer you hold down the trigger, what you can do on Bottomless mags Moze indefinitly.

Not sure how the performance is with other classes like Amara.

Interesting, thanks.
I tested the lvl46 Protuberance with an elemental Amara build, though I don’t think it was on mayhem 3 - I’ll get back to you when I do.
However, even the split projectiles that do “minimal damage” are enough to one shot me if the lightning procs and I don’t use the transformer shield.

ok, tested on Mayhem 3 - the gun deals great damage on most enemies (lightning resistant ones obviously less so).
It is perfectly viable on any difficulty with an elemental Amara build. It outperforms almost most legendaries easily.
The only weapons in my arsenal that outperform it on damage for that build are the Long Musket (flamethrower) and the Cutsman. Depending on circumstances.

Add the fact that on shot instantly brings your shields back up to full, I’d say there is no better weapon for lightning Amara.
And keep in mind: I have the crappy Protuberance. :grinning:

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After extensive not-ignoring-the-blue-trash I didn’t manage to find a single Protuberance - much less an epic one.

However, like Tommy1984 noticed, the Hyperian “Host” gun is able to get equally high elemental damage.
And no, I haven’t found any other weapon that comes close to those two.

I even got both rare and epic ones:

Epic Host was for sale at a vendor machine. Rare one was a random drop.

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Yes an elemental Torgue shotty with an alien barrel was insane. Before the first hotfix. Once I read the hotfix notes, I played offline until I hit level 50 and beat the first playthrough. I found 2 of these guns. One at level 16 and another at level 26. The 2nd one lasted me until level 50 when I went back online. My replacement after the nerf is a Double Penetrating Pocket Rocket switched to Sticky. Mine is radiation.

This one looks awesome, but strangely enough it is still being outperformed by Host and Protuberance - despite the insane elemental damage.

Firstly it’s a charge weapon, meaning that you can’t use it to quickly regenerate your shields. Simply takes too long to fire the shot.
Secondly the gigantic ball that shoots out does really good damage in a very large area, as lightning bolts from the ball shoot out at every enemy in reach. But the damage over time is only a small fraction of the 9050 dps shown, whereas the Host/Protuberance deal full damage over time when the element procs.
Third, the shot is very slow. If something moves you’ll likely miss.
Also: Much lower proc chance.

Finally found a Level 50 Protuberance.

Funny thing: I lost my Internet connection at some point and the damage jumped up by multitudes.

Offline, that gun one-shot (with damage-over-time) badasses on mayhem 3.
Online, it’s still extremely powerful and even preferable to an epic Host.

I am a little confused about the protuberance gun. I was just cruising through TVM with a level 42 protuberance. It was 3000x2 and 6000 radiation dmg/ s with 51% chance.

I was a good couple hours in. Then I decided to do a slaughter house. And now that that I’m back in my campaign , the gun dropped to 1081x2 and 1021 damage / sec. wtf! I see other people had a similar issue. I turned the network off to try to offline and the stats didn’t chance. I don’t switch between online and offline much. All I did was pause the game and cut the internet. But the guns stats didn’t change. Anyone know a way I can get this gun back to the way it was??? It’s much more fun when you cruise through hoards and bosses. It’s the first really dominate gun I’ve had and I can’t believe it’s gone now! (Adjusted). So weird. Thanks for any help!

Hosts are very good for DriveBy Zanes. You can get to Mach speed and drop host balls into pockets of enemies and they get wrecked. It’s beautiful because they’re a shotgun you don’t have to aim…much

I suspect that once you go online, the server applies the fix to all items in your game.
I have never seen a gun go back to it’s offline values.

They can. You just have to close your game and then disable all network functions on your gaming system. Then once you restart BL3, the offline stats will return. Now once the first BL3 patch releases, you won’t be able to do this again

Once activated the hotfix applies until you close the game completely