Blue or purple COM?

Almost uploaded that in Item finds of the day

I’ve had similar conundrums before but it seem to be more recurrent with Maya. (Siren)

I know it all end up with personal choice but I’m curious. Which path you walk thru? Seems like the consensus is blue.That’s what I think too but wouldn’t mind an extra point of view.

Note* Before the Killer Cat I was using a lvl 34 Wild Cat. (Accelerate and Wreck) Slightly "less bad"SMG accuracy but much worse SMG damage.

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Is that a Pimpernel lurking in your top equipped slot? If so, do you really want +5 Accelerate, and take a bit of an accuracy hit on your SMGs?

I vote blue.


Nope! A Pooshka. (Vladof, Maliwan barrel. ) Gift from the Snowman. lol It does look like a Pimp on there!


@VaultHunter101 I think it’s a Vladof Pooshka. But as far as the COM’s go I agree, blue is probably best, and I think I heard somewhere that blue is usually better than purple because you get more out of the 2 skills than you otherwise would with 3 because on blue one is +6 which can be abused for more specific builds. So all in all, go blue


It’s hard to tell, but I think I see a maliwan barrel, so I think not. As for you, @Dr_Do-Little, I would say purple. If I’m seeing it correctly, your third slot is a sand hawk, and you will definitely need accelerate for that. You also have a dpuh, so that will need accelerate. That’s all I have


Not sure I’d fully agree - OP is still levelling this character, so unless they’re running a thought-lock build they should be able to manage without accelerate if specced for the usual phaselock+converge.


Good eyes @monan but @VaultHunter101 is right. The sandhawk and DPUH were just introduced for Snowman farming. (Sandhawk will stay! I knew that thing was good. Played with it before but on Maya with that setup!!! OUCH! :star_struck:
Blue is confirmed… I think… I like Accelerate not only for the Sandhawk but I’m also on on Florentine team :stuck_out_tongue:
Or any PC for that matter. Thanks folks.


This isn’t exactly true, but it’s not exactly wrong either. Accelerate bullet speed bonus is small enough to not really matter either way