Blue reavers edge penetrated?

I have been farming reaver for a hybrid reavers edge for awhile and I thought the Fire rate was about 4.6. I was checking out my drops that I picked up and low and behold I saw one with a 3 fire rate. I thought too low to be the hybrid form but equipped it and pulled the trigger and boom auto fire. I did some research because I have a reg. Penetrated and the barrels matched. All the other reaver guns I got had a long thin barrel. My question to you guys is have any of you got one of these in blue rarity and not s 4.6 fire rate. Thanks for the time.

I’m pretty sure the fire rate on the Reaver’s Edge maxes out at 3 (only with the penetrator barrel obviously). I have a few of them, and all of them have a 3.0 fire rate.

I haven’t farmed Reaver, but there are a couple parts that could increase(or lacking them, decrease) the rarity and rate of fire.

Just messed around in Gearcalc a bit, body5 and mag5 will get a Penetrator type rifle up to 4.6. If somebody was crazy lucky enough to get those parts AND a brisk accessory, it seems to get up to 5.3[quote=“Kick_Smass, post:2, topic:1558736”]
all of them have a 3.0 fire rate.

Bad luck man, regularly getting parts like that.

Most of the reavers I get have a 1.5 fire rate to 2.1 this was the highest I got. I have a clip of 10 and with mordicai perks it goes to 20. I just hold the trigger down scoped or not and it empty the clip. It might not be the penetrater But it’s definitely full auto. Pretty fun to melt stuff!

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Thanks guys for the replies.

If it is full auto, it has the Penetrator barrel (no other sniper rifle can be full auto in BL1 other than those that spawn with said barrel).

I guess I got one then. I guess my biggest misconception was seeing the YouTube videos and thinking only a purple one with a 4.6 fire rate could be the hybrid. I have done about 100 runs of him so at least I got one! Thanks again!

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The FR around 3 means you got the LB body (rather than PPZ)…sorry man. And even more sorry to @Kick_Smass who apparently has gotten screwed multiple times!

I’m not too worried about it. I prefer snipers that can blow the heads off of enemies in one shot rather than ones that I have to hit 3-4 times with before the enemy dies, and farming Reaver isn’t hard anyway. Not worried about that right now though. Too busy looking for a titan COM that boosts both health, and shield capacity.

I could be wrong and I often am these days as the grey cells are diminishing however I seem to remember the Hyperion Invader was an auto.

Invader (sniper rifle), fires in 5 round bursts.

Rings a bell but like I said I’m a bit sketchy on it.