Blue still immortal?

Right so I hear this was an issue before, but after trying Blue with a full party plenty of times we concluded that Blue still has just the right amount of health for his crystals to be meaningless if they get destroyed all at once.

Anyone else having the same problem, or just me having bad luck?

I had no idea this was even a problem, but you could always try not destroying all the crystals simultaneously?

First thing attempted. One of two results happened;

-We were fast enough to shatter each leg yet he would still have enough health where coughing on him would kill him if he weren’t immune to damage.

-He regenerates his legs faster than we can smash them.

Then I don’t know. Last time I hit him was solo gunzerker at level 70-71: didn’t run into any problems, but I’d imagine the health pool is much bigger with four players.

Aw well. Maybe it’s just bad luck. I only care to destroy him for the quest he’s related to. Seems to also happen when I’m going solo, both in Normal mode and True Vault Hunter Mode. Have yet to try in Ultimate.