Blue Swirly Vortex Things Around The Map?

Has anyone else notïced the little blue wind-looking vortex things that will appear onnthe maps in PVP sometimes?

Does anyone have any idea what these are or what causes them?

Thanks in advance.

I do believe you may be referring to slows that are glitched out on the map. My best advice is to ignore the non moving ones and annihilate the ever loving crap out of the moving ones as that prolly means there’s a pendles around lol

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What do you mean “glitched out slows”?

Ah my bad on my less than clear post. Focused to hard on the funny.

Like I said I do believe what you are experiencing is the visual effect of what slow is on players. Sometimes the visuals seem to just linger and sit in place on the maps even though it doesn’t seem to do anything other than be semi distracting

So it’s just any location where a player Has been slowed?

A weird, glitchy, visual artifact?


Yes as far as I know. Just a visual bug with no real impact on the gameplay other than being mildly distracting.

I think another good example of it triggering is probably when thumpers are shooting minion waves. It kills the minions but leaves the slow status effect visual wherever those minions where

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Yup, this is a bug introduced with the Pendles patch. I’ve seen other effects like Mellka’s venom do the same thing.

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Surely not with the pendles patch? I could have sworn I have seen it way before pendles was available

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Possible, but I personally never saw it before that, and see it all the time now.

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Perhaps it’s a rather common glitch to a character that is stealthed and then slowed? Would explain the higher occurrence with pendles around


I’ve been seeing them for a while.

Definitely pre-Pendles.


The particle effects that appear around a character when slowed sometimes glitch out and remain where they wore off.

It happens the most with Pendles do to invisibleness.

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