Blurred Trickster Mod

I have two one has +5 Life tap, the other has +5 Kinetic Reflection. What would you use and why?

You are better off boosting Life Tap, unless you can get a Mirrored Trickster COM that gives +6 to KR, which would allow for 11/5 KR and enemy bullets would actually heal you. IIRC, the damage from Reflected Bullets doesn’t scale that well as you increase difficulty. Also Kinetic Reflection only works for bullets, and only having 5 or 6 points really isn’t worth it in most circumstances. I put points in it, because the Blurred Trickster COM I uses adds +4 to KR. Personally, I use a Blurred Trickster COM (+5 CR, +4 KR, +4 LT) with my Blurred Trickster Build (Trickster B in my ‘signature’). Ideally, you might be best off with a Blurred Trickster COM that gives +6 Chain Reaction and +5 Life Tap.

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I would imagine it would depend on the circumstances. If I’m playing solo, lvl 72/OP0, then I’d probably go with Kinetic Reflection because I feel like Sweet Release by itself does enough most of the time to keep my health up.

If I’m playing with a friend, I’d probably want Life Tap to help out since sharing Sweet Release can result in less reliable healing. 1 point in Lfe Tap along with Elated and maybe Sustanence usually is more than enough at that level.

If we’re playing OP8 though, or even if I’m playing OP levels solo, I’d definitely want Life Tap then. Again just 1 point is more than enough IMO. Im usually pretty aggressive playstyle wise too, so my health is always all over the place.

That being said, I have a pretty nice purple Trickster com with +5 Chain Reaction, +4 Life Tap and +4 Kinetic Reflection that I prefer to use. I’d recommend trying that out if you come across one or have one already.

I prefer lifetap but it really depends on your build. If you go down to Sub Sequence you want ruin and can’t get lifetap. But if you go down and get scorn then you want lifetap.