Bnk3r farming fail

So after a solid 3 days of farming for a decent sham at lvl 72 and i finally get it to drop and its only 77% absorb chance. Like getting kicked when your already down haha.

At least you got a Sham. Last time I farmed BNK-3R for three days, he gave me nothing. Stingy bastard.

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Oddly enough we got an OP8 sham w/ 81% chance and a legendary berzerker from Pete in a double drop plus the seraph nade. We didn’t even know he drops it since he never did in tvhm and uvhm before or maybe just in OP8 levels.

Pete can drop damn near everything except Norfleet and Terra items but that is a lucky drop nonetheless. the best sham i have acquired came from the mercenary day chest 91% twice but i want that 94%

I got 60% something one before lol

According to the Wiki (which could be wrong), the lowest possible chance on a Sham is 76%. I think my lowest was 78%.

No I’m almost positive it was a 59-69% range


That’s not possible, the lowest absorb chance on the Sham is 76% with all Dahl parts.

Check and try for yourself: