BNK3R patched for less drops?

I haven’t played in a few months but I could have sworn BNK3R was a excellent source for eridium, yet the 3 times I’ve farmed him tonight (so far) I am lucky to get 6 eridium drops. Did they patch him or am I having a memory lapse?

Memory lapses. Sometimes if you’re lucky he’ll drop a bundle of 4xeriridum, in addition to the usual single bars. If it’s eridium you want, the absolute best source is the Ancient Dragons, followed by the Warrior. Mode doesn’t matter - you get the same eridium in normal and true, for example.

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I don’t remember him ever being a great source for eridium. I could be wrong or just have forgotten.

this, would occasionally use him to power level people on the 360 who just had BL 2 w/no DLC and what eridium he did drop was very sparse. As @VaultHunter101 says "the absolute best sources for eridium is the Ancient Dragons, followed by the Warrior, then maybe some of the other raids.


Ancient Dragons, Normal Mode, GO >>>>>

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