Boarderlands 2vr shift codes?

I am having a issue connecting to gearbox for shift codes for Boarderlands 2 VR. Is there no shift codes for boarderlands VR or something?

Not sure if the PS ones should work or not, but paging @GeekVersusNerd for clarification…

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Yes there are shift codes for VR . Not sure where you should look for them, I found a bunch listed on reddit under the PSVR discussions.
It’s a little annoying trying to enter them on the PS4, even if you have a keyboard attached, as they don’t have good keyboard navigation and you need to select each 5-digit entry box one by one using the Move.
Might be easier to enter your shift codes on the web page.

Sorry, this somehow slipped through my notifications. Yes, shift codes do work in BL2VR. I haven’t seen anyone mention any issues thus far so I would recommend submitting a support ticket if troubleshooting isn’t working.

For clarification: are they separate from, or the same as, the PS3/PS4 ones? In other words, would users be prevented from redeeming codes they’d already redeemed against their linked PSN account on another Sony console?

They are the same codes. However, you can only redeem one code per game tittle, OG vs VR

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