Boarderlands 3 + open world sandbox!

Hello and thanks for looking at my post. I am a huge fan of the boarderlands franchise, i love is so much i bought battleborn so i could see the eastereggs geared towards BL3.

But in my opinion for the next instalment i woulf like to see more of an open world and would like to see gearbox push the operating power of these next gen systems, if there is 1 thing the gearbox Australia did right was the grinder cause playing the game as much as i do, you come accrost alot of gear you dont need but pick up and sell, i would like if they made it so you grind down parts for material items and be able to use those items to craft new guns with many different types addons and skills, also you would be able to get material items from npcs all over the world or better yet worlds :wink:, i would like to see the towns be there own instances where you can find other players and walk up and inspect them kinda like destiny but have more then 10 people per instance. One thing i really would like to see is massive raids that take time to complete. The whole digistruct peek was pretty cool in bl2 but it was kinda bland and i hope they revamp it, i think the different difficulty thing with tvhm and uvhm needs to be revamped the only reason why i like them is cause they change the names and the look of the enemies you fight. The last thing i want to see is another destiny/the devision light score rating for how strong you are i cant stand playing new games and seeing mechanics from old games, OMG please do not make it like TPS where you have to sit there for 5 minutes waiting on the damn dialog to finish that was so boring and made me want to shut the game off…
I want as moch lore as i can get it is what turns a game into a adventure story. I would like to see more hidden areas to try and find. All these things would be great in the game but do not completely get rid of the core game that we have all grown to love but please make it more immersive and give us more opptions to customize guns and Please please please Add armour items like chest pieces and leg armour and boots and stuff like that. Thanks so much for reading please comment below i would love to discuss this with other people that love this game as much as i do :wink: