Boarderlands 3 Roadmaps: Discussion

After watching this video:

(Very good info on roadmaps from a dev perspective.)

I thought a good question for the community might be:

What are people’s thoughts on the current roadmap of BL3.

I think I have posted this in the right section.

What is current roadmap?

This is as much as I think is known.

This is the thing, they dont communicate anything so how are people meant to get excited ? I gave up on the roadmap and calling for the community manager to be more vocal and not be a mute (worse CM ever) but hey after watching the video it puts everything into perspective and I totally get it now and couldn’t care less what they do with the game going forward, they lost me about 2 weeks ago.

This is not a road map, it’s just a list of possible add-ons based on previous information. Official road map was shared back in October iirc and it was only for 2019, with no details for Mayhem 2.0 planned for the beginning of 2020.

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I think the article was pretty fair delineating the official roadmap, and then shared some possible future insights - noting some reported comments.

Clearly there is no official roadmap beyond what we have.

But the community has experienced the one since October, and I thought this was a balanced video and perhaps a worthwhile dicussion point.

If this is a duplicate post because of this I will happily delete…

For my two cents, I felt that GB delivered a very good DLC, and I like the fact that the roadmap is in quarterly installments - allowing room to adjust dev game priorities vs content release…

So it was a positive…