Bobble heads on normal level

Recently I took a level 65 player back to “normal” instead of TVHM to get some weapons for lower level characters. However, when I re-started the game on the “normal” level, all the enemies were still level 65, but they all had huge heads, like “bobble head” dolls, my character also had a huge head and all the weapons they dropped were level 65.
I don’t know if maybe I inadvertently changed some setting, or is this normal? It seems to be a recent thing. I had taken TVHM level characters back to the “normal” setting before and all the characters were not bobble-heads.

It’s Galaxy Brain, a Mayhem modifier.


As pointed out, you have mayhem mode active in your NVHM play-through, which is why everything is level 65 (in addition to Galaxy Brain being active)

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Ok , thanks for that info.

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