Boderland 3 PS5 Upgrade Crashing

Ive got boderland 3 on my ps4 on a dvd. Bought PS5 and downloaded the new PS5 version of the game. Uploaded all my save from within the game from PS4. Now if I launch the PS5 version and go to download save my game crashes. Happens every time and I have tried restarting my ps5 but nothing seems to work. Any Ideas ?

I have digital PS4 version, and it does the same thing. Crash when trying to download my data. Strangely though, can play the ps4 version of the game on PS5 no problem.

So basically I ended up deleting the PS5 version of this game and redownloaded the whole 50gb again and it worked fine for me then.

I have this same problem. So you deleted the PS5 version and you’re now playing the PS4 version on the PS5?

I’m getting the same thing. Tried redownloading the game but the same happens. Also tried reuploading my save from the PS4 and even tried just sticking with the default HDR/subtitles settings on startup in case that screwed with it some how but can’t seem to get it working.

Same here, very frustrating, don’t fancy starting again :slight_smile:

No, I deleted the whole game and re-installed the PS4 version and downloaded the PS5 version and it worked fine. Playing the PS5 version.

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