Boderlands GOTY Enhanced - A couple of bugs - Shock Crystal Harvest & Enable Voice

Nothing game breaking but I thought I’d better report them.

Shock Crystal Harvest. The Lost Cave. Playing in 2 person co-op, each crystal credits us with 2. That is, each cluster gives us 10 rather than 5. No problem playing solo.

Options/Audio/Enable Voice. My friends and I use a TeamSpeak server for chat. Consequently, we turn in-game voice chat off in the game we’re playing otherwise there’s an echo. We were getting an echo in Remastered even with enable voice set to OFF. Changing to PUSH TO TALK seemed to cure it. However, coming back to the game, the echo returned for some of us and they had to change back to OFF. So, some of were set to OFF and others to PUSH TO TALK. But it changes every time we start the game and we have to vary our options to find an acceptable combination. Weird!