Body in space after bosun engine explodes?

So this has happened before, but this is the first time I was able to capture what it was. It’s after the bosun’s engine explodes, and there is a bit of fire after the big explosion. After the fire goes away, there is a thing that looks like a body floating up in space. Does anybody know what it might be, if they could get up close to it somehow.

My initial thought was that it was one of those giant space-suit guys, but after zooming in I’m not so sure. Unfortunately, “Zoom and enhance” doesn’t work on this computer for some reason (should probably get myself one of those cool ones they have on all the crime TV shows!)

Some of the larger engine parts that fly off look a little bit like that, though, so it might just be a large chunk of debris.

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sometimes when you blow up the scav moon zoomies bits fly off that are bodies. perhaps this is programmed into the shrapnel for other explosions. so when you see that, it randomly generates some shrapnel pieces to fly off, and give it a better effect. you just got the dead body piece.

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