Body shots or headshots?

I know if I have an option to headshot someone, always take that hit but what if I’m not THAT good yet. Would a body shot still mean something?

If your not good with a sniper character than just don’t play as one! Says the loud angry BB player lol.

Well she’s a nice mix between Sniper and AoE character and that really appeals to me. It kinda makes me wanna use her more and see how good I can get with her.

Body shots are still worth it on Thorn. I haven’t played her too often, but she can do upwards of 150 damage with a single non-crit attack, and more importantly her Curse makes enemies take additional damage from her abilities, so starting your burst combo off with even a cursed body shot will greatly increase your damage output.

Well, critical hit damage is 1.5x against enemies. So, yes, you will be loosing a lot of damage, but you will be fine with body shots. Get yourself some attack damage gear to make up for it.

Honestly? I can’t suggest playing Thorn as a sniper in the first place, so if you can’t get consistent headshots (particularly bouncing around), it’s understandable. She has a very high skill ceiling, even with her mastery I can’t claim I get consistent headshots.

Probably the best advice I can offer for Thorn is to drop Blight on every wave, take the mobility options, and never stand still.

I doubt that loud angry BB player was any better with Thorn considering that he/she thinks Thorn is a sniper xD

To answer your question, Thorn’s damage per shot is huge so any hit counts and every hit hurts. She has a high crit multiplier but Thorn’s true power lies in her abilities, if you can’t hit crits often take the level 1 L augment and slow enemies in your Blight, a slowed enemy makes for an easier shot. Volley fires five high-velocity arrows, chances are you’ll land crits without meaning to . Thorn’s damage potential is huge, but she’s not a true sniper and crits though effective aren’t necessary to play well with Thorn. Practice critting larger slow moving targets, like ISIC who has a huge crit in the middle of his body, or Montana whose head is tiny but he’s about as slow as a shark swimming through sand. For the smaller and faster characters, if you can’t land a crit don’t aim for it, just tag body shots until you’re confident enough to aim for crits on moving targets.

Level 100 with a maxed Thorn, she’s my go-to and I make very good crits shots but can also say that if you make a few cursed shots it really doesn’t matter unless the minion is scripted to have major health, Thorn can take it down with curses alone.

Curse first then spray and pray, least that’s what i do since I’m not a pro thorn. But if you at least try to aim for the head you might get a couple crit shots. Highest crit I’ve gotten is only less than 900 but the body shots with the curse definitely makes an impact.

Yes, the slow blight helix plus the helix blight ult helix makes aiming much easier on slower moving targets

Uh… 150? She does more than that at lvl 1… are you just tapping the trigger/mouse button? You gotta draw back.

“upwards of 150”

Wouldnt that mean 150 is average then? Maybe we have different meanings to this word. Maybe im a bad(dumb)ass. Who knows.