BodyBlocking: A Love/Hate Relationship

What are your thoughts on the current state of bodyblocking in the game? I love watching an enemy player overextend, closing the door to their exit strategy, and offhand meleeing them further up ■■■■ creek. On the other hand, it drives me absolutely mental when I die because a friendly goddamn minion, or the big dumb sentry, puts you in a literal deathlock. Echelon’s a good example where the sentry is annoying af if you step in to upgrade the thumper or accelerator only to have him take 5 steps backward and pin you to the wall.

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Quick melee is all the body blocking necessary (do Kelvins use their quick melee?)

Depends, I don’t use it often

Only when we need to knock them off of an elevated position, otherwise alt fire is good enough for trapping/stalling an enemy who wants to fall back.

Probably one of my favorite things to do as Kelvin, actually. Get an Orendi or Galilea tunnel vision-ing on a teammate ahead of them, trying to slowly back away to a safe area, but you’ve already gotten behind them and they can’t quite equate the fact that they are making absolutely no progress in their retreat with the possibility of someone being behind them. Oftentimes even if they realize it, it doesn’t do them any good.


Ive gotten stuck on minions, sentries, turrets, and Thralls and died as a result in soooooo many intense situations!

I feel you should only be able to be blocked by thrall, MX bots and sentries. I hate going in a bit to do damage to a sentry then when I go to retreat, even if I’m jumping, Im body blocked by a knee high minion. IM A DAMN DJINN TAMER DAMNIT! I should be able to step through these damn things!

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I was having an awesome, massacre of a run on Shayne last night in
Monuments and I was chasing someone down for the kill over our staircase. I
"landed" on the generic minion wave and proceeded to juggle there on their
heads, unable to touch the ground and therefore unable to move while they
slowly killed me. It was infuriating. Basically the same thing that happens
if you jump on your own Sentry’s shield bubble only it lasted until death.
I am now terrified of doing anything airborne near them XD

I made a topic about this, it’s crazy annoying to me, lol.

It may have happened specifically because I like how the balloon/clown costume squeaks when you land :x

I hate being stuck sometimes when the sentry moves around and trap u on the damn rock in incursion on overgrowth…

Seriouly though i wish minions did not block us … And worst blocks is when montana lumber jack dash u into a corner and uses his body up against you and melts your face off

Me personally dislike it as often players will body block you to prevent your escape… Quick melee needs a much larger push back so we can escape frustration