Bokos Request Store *Updated*

Hi Guys;

Been taking a break from requests to recoup on stock and the enjoyment for the game, though if anyone can I’d appreciate the help to find these items. Shop will be back soon.
Psn: BokosGaming

Looking For

Assault Rifles:

Lucian Calls 100% - Corrosive

Lucian Calls Phaseslam - Corrosive/Cryo

Lucian Calls Phasecast - Fire

Rowan Calls 100% - Rad

Rowans Calls Phaseslam - Shock


Crossroad in Phaseslam Cryo

Crossroad in Phasecast Fire

Cutsman in Phaseslam Rad/Cryo

Cutsman in Phasecast Rad/Cryo


Lyuda - All Variants / All Annointments


Mirv Tact Rad Annointed

Mirv Tact Cryo Annointed

Simply Request w/ PSN attached.


Non element Redline
Splash damage deathless
Rad, corr, cryo and non element Lyuda


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Snowdrift Otto Idol
Any otto idol with slide bosst will do, but snowdrift is the ideal. Lol

PSN: CntBckt

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Atom balm otto idol with irradiate% chance or life regen, radiation flakker with gamma burst anointment, not sure if it exists but radiation kaos with gamma burst anointment, or fire kaos with weapon damage increase anointment

Psn: Zodiac 1226

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Lf. Diluvian Firestorm , anointed phasegrasp weapons, Anointed crossroads ( non class specific) Anointed cutsman (non class specific)

psn lifes2shrt4gamz

I have items I can contribute to this aswell

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LF Anointed lvl50 Night Hawkin SMG, preferably with Fl4K anointments (rakk attack) or just general WD 100+%.

Also Thrillbot ClassMod, preferably with some Dahl or general weapon damage/critical

PSN: ScimitarDT

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Lf cryo lucian call, Fire cross road, fire butcher.
Psn: th3-kill3r-vii

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LF Dmg after Phasecast/slam Crossroads/Rowans Call/Flakker, Preferably fire, shock or radiation

PSN Mentalist9501

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Double chaingun shredifier (any) or fire shredifier with bipod.



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Thank you in advance. I’m looking for Faisor(fire) + Lucian Call(corrosive) + Rowan Call(shock) if you could. PSN: orange_teacher

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LF: Any Elemental Dictators and a Fire Scourge

PSN: MrPeriodical

Thanks so much

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I have a corrosive Lucian call you can have, it’s not anointed or anything tho


Thank you. So may I have your PSN?

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ISO Loaded Dice -s/n - IN0 JUMPElR

lmk what you need.

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Have a fire dictator and annoited fl4k one

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Any annointed Moze gear?

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Looking for the redundant brainstormer annoited or annoited for amara which has the prefix after action skill ends the next 2 magazines make more damage or after action skill u get 100 percent more weapon damage. Got it?


Added you

We have plenty

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