Bola's Target Finder is Broken :*(

So I farmed for the Bola’s Target Finder today since it got buffed but it was really buggy.

First I tried KU with Bola’s Target Finder and Voix Core and I hit a minion with the bola and I got the damage amplification on him but not on the 1 next to him which had the AOE from the Voix Core.

Then I tried Orendi out and the damage amplification only worked on the 2nd hit from the Preamble of Pain when it should work on the 2nd and 3rd hit.

No more Bola gear for KU’s Bola :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Hmmm. Veracity of the statements beside, I’m probably still gonna use it because theoretically it’s too good to ignore haha

I don’t think target finder will activate on the AOE from voxis core. Technically it’s the gear providing the AOE, not the skill.

Wasn’t bolas boost affecting voxis core dmg specifically fixed ages ago, since voxis core dmg isn’t skill damage at all.