Bold Pedictions June 2017! ;)

Here are some of my bold predictions and dreams for June of the next year. Also a couple fake ones.

  • The tupee is President of the USA (snaps fingers) Trump that’s his name. Forgot for a second.

  • Forum user teamrandy1027 is voted most well versed in auto mechanical georelocation of endangered botanical genomes applied sciences.

  • sugar is one step closer to having warning labels on its packages just like cigarettes and more strict labeling laws on products containing sugar.

  • People, mostly youths are starting to say hmpfh after bold statements to emphasize their point. Ex “My Kung fu is the greatest hmpfh!”

  • System of a Down reunite and squash the beef!

  • Battleborn is seeing record number of players rivaling opposing game hmjhyjh…ehem sorry. The newly released game mode sends shocks through the gaming community for is bold innovation and unmatched art, hmpfh!

  • Battleborn releases next Battleborn Mr. Torgue. With amazing diologue like “That’s not a mushroom, ahhh beeeping kill it!” and “If I flex any harder my muscles will get stuck like that…wait that’s beeping awesome!”

What are your bold predictions for June of next year? Also I’m serious about point number 2.

Edit: Changed spelling of sugar. I keep hearing sewgar when I read it spelled right. Hmpfh


What’s surgar?

This is what is commonly known as a “thread selfie”.