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Biography: Boldur the Unbearable is a stubborn, axe-wielding native of Ekkunar who has survived the last two millenia of interruptions to his quiet forest life through sheer stubbornness and the aid of the civilian militia he leads called the Woodsworn. Tough as a gnarled root, the Ekkuni dwarf carries only a rune-forged axe and shield into battle against any foe who dares land their dropship in his front yard.


  • Runic Axe: Boldur deals slow, powerful melee strikes with his Runic
    Axe. When he throws the axe, Boldur falls back on hand-to-hand combat
    to take enemies down.
  • Ekkuni Greatshield: Though he lacks an energy shield, Boldur is an
    elite defender, utilizing his Eldrid greatshield to block incoming
    damage, and rapid health regeneration to stay in the fight.
  • Boldurdash: Boldur leaps forward, dealing 141-213 damage and knocking
    back enemies. Rune Power: Dash causes an explosion on contact,
    dealing up to 534 damage.
  • Axe Toss: Throws Boldur’s axe through multiple enemies, dealing 208-280 damage to each enemy. Rune Power: Axe explodes on impact, dealing up to 520-700 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Rage: Killing enemies causes Boldur to melee faster for a short time.

Ultimate Ability

  • Rune Magic: Increases Axe damage when meleeing or health regeneration when blocking damage while Shielding. Using Axe Toss or Shield Dash, consumes the magic.

Overview: The crazed drunken dwarf of the group, apparently at least 2,000 years old. A rowdy fellow and the 3rd melee character we’ve been introduced to. He uses an axe and shield to fight with (and seems to be quite fond of his ‘assets’).

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I noticed he does not have a shield bar like other characters.

Are those moths? What an… interesting detail.


i think thats just the art style. a developer once said in a panel that more or less all of the effects are highly stylised 2D cartoon images (because it goes with the feel of the game). @mentalmars would probably know; or go to his site, i think thats were i found the video.

No I get the art style. I like it. I just am laughing at the fact that he has moths coming from under his skirt/kilt :smile:



yeah… well… what did you expect he’s magic

It’s well known that Dwarves and Elves hate each other. Very bitter business.

yeah… but elves are better

Birds with Rocket-launchers are better.

Lots of characters don’t have one, but they get Health regen instead.

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You don’t know me but if you are waiting for an argument, you are going to be waiting a lifetime. #TeamThorn #ElvesareBest

That’s a trait of Eldrid characters. No shield but more health.

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Can’t argue with that

i wasn’t. i was making a reference to tvtropes. everyone knows you can’t argue when is comes to elves.

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Yeah you’re right, good spot. that must mean all eldrid have health regen

Eldrid can pick up the ‘Overshield’ power ups granting them a shield for a brief time :wink:

I did not know that, thanks.


Krieg, is that you?

It’s Krieg and Salvador’s love child.

Boldur is Eldrid. So is Thorn. They have…history, but it’s not completely trope-oriented.

On gameplay mechanics - correct. All Eldrid lack shield (at start) and have increased health and/or health regeneration to compensate. Some of them can get very small shields through augmentations. Reyna (who can Overshield anyone) can certainly overshield any Eldrid. There’s also one more way they can get shields. :smile:

Each faction, in fact, has some gameplay themes that help to differentiate them not only in visual style, but what types of gameplay functions you can expect.

As Krieg might say: “What’s a shield?”

Randy’s making me play nice with Reyna. Damn.