Boldur don't like heights!

Has anyone else noticed that Boldur has an annoying habit of going into a falling animation that basically feels like a mini stun when he walks off of small ledges?

Have noticed it on several missions now where he appears to be stunned but in actual fact he’s sort of falling off a step or small ledge. What I mean by a small ledge is what would be the equivalent of the height of 1 step in a set of stairs.

Also, I find he gets stuck on scenery quite a lot, this can be seen at the beginning of the renegade mission by the first respawn point, if you walk in circles around that area you get caught on posts and walls and snow slopes and steps and all sorts, he just seems to drag his feet, not really noticed it with any other characters.

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Please tell me you purposefully named the thread this way because Boldur actually says that sometimes when using jump pads. (because he does)

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Sigh I wish I could, it was late when I wrote it, whether down to luck or subconscious ingenuity I couldn’t say.