Boldur feedback, Helix's

Just for context, i got this game to play Boldur, i’ll buy it just to play Boldur. I played Barik in Paladins, Bardin in Vermintide and Torbjorn in Overwatch, and now i play Boldur in BB. Dwarves, they’re kind of my thing so he has my full complete attention in this game.
So im character level 9 with him, account level 39, havnt seen another Boldur yet. I had heard mostly bad things about him but i knew based on his skills that i’d really enjoy him, classic axe/shield dwarf with enough complexity to keep me happy.

First, character stuff. I love his dialogue, he has some GREAT lines. But his taunts seem REALLY weak, i’ve only seen four but none of them stand out at all. A roar? A laugh? Not a fan of default mooning, or the “i stink” taunt, thats not really a taunt at all. He’s the leader of the Eldrid, he deserves better! Interested to see what Skins he gets.

Now for skills, im happy with them, i was afraid he’d be a really simple basic character but i like that he is not. But his Boulderdash, something feels off about it, too much delay ? Was able to land Montana’s charge a lot easier. Bigger hitbox i suppose? Also seems to have impact trouble when trying to hit minions or crystals, seems to do nothing sometimes and his lower POV makes it harder to track a target in any kind of crowd. A shorter POV on a melee character brings a LOT of frustration actually. I would recommend making his dash enter a 3rd person view like El Dragons skills, would make it a lot easier to keep track.
The Rune boost also says it adds 12 damage a second to enemies it hits, okay, for how long? Lots of vague abilities at work here.
His great shield passive for instance also says he has great health regeneration, is that a passive bonus? How big is it? Does he have to block to activate it? Cant tell. I played a little bit of isic before boldur, and his shield seems to raise quicker than boulders. Sometimes its hard to tell when he is actually blocking, especially unarmed.

The axe throw sounds like it should have a drop too it but its a straight throw, always over shooting targets thinking it’ll drop! Maybe a Helix thing, cause it to drop and gain bonus effects since a falling shot is typically harder to land. Heavy Runic Axe.
Now a look at Helix’s, i havnt unlocked the 5th bonus helix yet. Helix’s probably need the most tweaks.

  1. Axe Richochet vs Crash Helmet
    Always took #2. Axe Richochet seems counter intuitive, because i want the speed bonus sometimes. I view it as a TRADE rather than an actual upgrade.
  2. Aegis of Anger, Pinballer (unlocked), Gather no Moss
    Pinballer is awful. Aegis is what i generally take because of all the rage synergy. GnM is another ‘trade’ skill but it has benefits, like escaping crowded fights. But again its a trade, sometimes its worse.
  3. Stunning Blows, Deft Defender.
    I used SB at first but im learning towards deft defender now, both are useful in my eyes. (how much more blocking? doesnt say)
  4. Hatchet Man, Headsplitter
    Hatchet man is awful. 48 bleed damage over 4 seconds vs a 3 second slow? It doesnt even scale, its always 48 damage. I’d like it changed to Wound, to prevent healing. Thats a much harder choice.
  5. Angry Agility, Desperate Rage (unlocked), Berserker Rage
    A great unlock, and a hard choice. They’re all good, more speed, more durability, or more sustain. Differs from PvE and PvP but a great Helix.
  6. Axterminator, salt the wound (unlocked), bouldercrash
    I always went with #1 until i unlocked salt the wound, axe throw is just more reliable.
  7. Wildblood, Dwarven Constitution.
    Generally wildblood, i wish i knew what the base HP regen was before deciding on a skill like +regen.
  8. Long Distance Dash, Knockout Punch (unlocked), Impatience.
    Always took impatience, the unlocked helix is awful (18% punch damage WHEN you’re low on hp, how low? doesnt say.) Dash is good for Rage but i wouldnt risk it with extra reach, i dont need dash for mobility when i have move speed.
  9. Death and Axes, Trusty Toss
    Always took #1, for max HP synergy, and its easy to get 5 stacks killing minions with a runic toss. No contest really.
  10. Axe Master, Shield Mastery
    both amazing. I usually go with #1 for PvP but shield mastery for PvE.
    Just to clarify, Axe Mastery increases his AXE MELEE DAMAGE, only while he has Runic Power on, and its based on his CURRENT health.

I feel like hes missing some Helix’s for his Ultimate, and Helix 8 is his weak spot, nothing there really excites me at all. I’m surprised there are items for CC resistance but no Helix skills to resist CC, stun or pushback or slow etc.

As for general gameplay… Hes a late bloomer, at level 5 he can really take off thanks to his ultimate but until then its slow going, hes bad at wave clearing, boulderdash is pretty awful for trying to AoE minions with, too important to waste. He has no ranged attacks like other brawlers have so he has to be up close to the minions and this i think is his biggest weakness. No energy shield, no life leech, just the possibility to get HP regen, he just cant stay around long without a healer.
Maybe if he had an attack he could use while blocking that was a sweeping attack with axe and shield to help him clear minions like Kelvin or Dragon or 10% as effectively as Gali.

Late game he seems to almost do too much damage, not as much as Gali but who does? Evening out his damage curve would probably be beneficial, little less late game, little more early game, because hitting level 5 feels like he is just reborn.
I’ll keep playing him though.

So to just sum it up…
Some of his Helix’s need to tweaked.
Make Boulderdash like “a moving stone grows no moss” by default, goes through targets, knocks in air. Make stun a helix.
Add a special sweeping attack he can use while blocking, slower than his regular attack, good for clearing waves.
Maybe tone him down late game.

Work on them taunts >>

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Your commitment to dorfiness is quite impressive

/salute, keep on showing those nampy-pampy elves what it means to have a beard.

I love how much Boldur taunts rath. “Swords are for sissies! Axes win again!”
Also feels like again that boulderdash slides off of enemies sometimes, and i definitely sometimes brush against and get suck on a target without impacting it, charged a shard and got stuck on it instead of hitting it. And with runic power on, the shield doesnt cause the blast wave unless you hit a target? it really should.

Gearbox please let me start with boldur unlocked <3 i want to play nobody else, i will not let them taint my account

I didn’t like him at first, but he’s growing on me. He’s good at tanking and forcing enemies off of allies, as well as stunning with Boldurdash. I’m having fun with him.

I’ve noticed Boldurdash issues as well though, like for some reason Marquis seems to never be stunned, only launched 100ft away. Don’t know if this is intentional for lighter characters but it makes it harder to do Boldur’s job.

Also, from what I’ve tested so far, his ultimate seems to never fade until you use both his skills and consume the runes. I believe this means if you avoid using them, you can keep the melee buff and greatshield passive until you do use the runes. I haven’t checked, but I’m curious if his ultimate can be stacked to hoard multiple runes at a time.

I really liked your breakdown of everything as was glad to see such an in-depth analysis on an otherwise unappreciated character.

Yes a couple times the boulderdash would push them REALLY far, and they bounced off the wall instead of getting stunned. Personally, its too much like montana.
I think boulderdash should by default cause knockup and penetrate, and the Helix can turn it into a stun instead. Basically the opposite of Montana, who rams to stun and can helix it to knockup at the end.

And his runes do fade, the shield for sure after a certain amount of blocking.
I think one thing that puts people off of Boldur is that he is so difficult early game that they never get to experience him late game.

Boulderdash only stuns if enemy hits object, otherwise just a knockback

Giving him an attack he could use while blocking would break him. The reason he works right now is the trade off between offense and defense.

And while yes he does become a powerhouse late game, so do most characters. That’s kind if the point.

It is tough going getting there since he is more adept at pushing people back than actually killing them. You usually have to supplement xp with buildables, but that’s slow too. Offering a little more xp per buildable could help with that.

I feel Boulder is perfectly balance right now. My only complaint is, like you said, certain helix choices are no brainers.

Its more of a key combo choice than actually blocking while attacking, since he’d swing with shield and axe he’d still be vulnerable during the attack, just good for hitting multiple minions like Kelvins fist slam

I forgot to check while the beta was still open but do you recall if you can use his basic melee attack while holding the shield? Since the basic melee is a shield thrust, does using it while shielding maintain the damage absorption of the shield or does it cancel it despite the shield staying in front of him?

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Never had someone shooting at me to try it, i’ll try it as soon as i can though. That would be a little broken, pushing people into a corner. But breaking people is boldurs thing : |

Boldur is my main as well. I finished all his lore challenges and I almost got to level 15. He’s great. But his real weakness are his basic attacks. He has an axe but almost all of his attacks are super direct. Like why are you doing a bunch with an axe? Then the shield bash followed by a horizontal swing and then a vertical swing. he’s only meant to hit one person with his melee unlike literally everyone else. Even El dragon or attikus hit multiple enemies with their punches. Full waves. But boldur can only hit one person with his regular punches without the axe. And there’s SOOOO much weight to his attacks that it can be disorientating.

And his boldurdash has a garbage hit box. I can day straight at someone and somehow go right past them without them being hit. Shenanigans

Good to hear more confirmation from a Boldur lover, his dash is pretty wonky. I try to jump before dashing now, seems to help. Broader strikes to clear waves would be nice or just a special hit like Kelvin

Yah he has the damage for good wave clear but the hits make it hard. Rath and galilea just swing back and forth so its so easy to just hit and wave clear. Plus they both have moves that can clear waves too. Boldur probably has some of the worst before level 5 game play. You have to be spey conscious of shards and building to make sure you level. Once he’s 5 its way better

To me it looks like they constantly spin, not sure if its just an animation or actually a circular attack. Very tempted to bring a -build cost trinket. Would love to find a HP/Damage trinket with -build cost. Or just a free common -build cost item.