Boldur glitch needs to be fixed

Invisible Boldurs. Its happened to me twice now, and I figured this time I should take a video.

I play Battleborn on the PS4 and I’ve faced a good amount of Boldurs so I know they’re small but twice now its happened to me. Both times were during incursion on the overgrowth map. At first I thought maybe it was someone’s damage over time but it showed I was killed by Boldur’s melee attack. Throughout the first game I died a few times from this glitch, and I was confused trying to find this Boldur that got 20 kills and no deaths. I shrugged it off as a one time thing but again tonight it happened to me. Once again I got killed by Boldur who I never saw in the match during team fights. First death from him was during the initial team fight as both teams got out of the gate, I figured I just didn’t see him because of his size. Again, I was trying to stop the enemy team from getting the double mercenary camp and killed the guy I thought was fighting them, only to still be getting hurt as I walked away with a good 1/2 of my health left. I spun around trying to find the attacker and even dashed and turned around to look for the enemy but to no avail. Again I died in a team fight after hiding behind a wall for a good 5 seconds from Boldur again. This happened a few more times until I had a chance to be absolutely sure he was invisible. I was in one of the hallways with nothing around and began to get attacked. I spun around, saw nothing but still got hit. I dashed and turned around, and still nothing. I even tried looking straight up to see if maybe he was on top of my head, but no. He was completely invisible, and I’m not sure how he did it but I am sure he was invisible.

I have plaid with invisible Oscar Mike so I assure you It is possible. I forgot this bug, becouse It was my team mate who didnt see me and thought I will mention later , but now I make bug report.

Moved to the bug report section, thanks.