Boldur Helix power levels (game changers) Poll

I’m collecting data for a later post on BB characters. This is a multiple choice on which level helix makes the biggest power difference that you can see. IE: I see a big jump in my Oscar mike’s power when I hit level 2 and get the aoe effect. If I had to do one for OM it would be (2, 5 (to me the biggest game changer in choice), and 7). On this poll I would select 2,5,7 if this were for Oscar Mike(which I plan on doing one) again if anyone can help me build a better poll please give some advice. I’m allowing up to 4 picks which is very generous. I have polls on other BB so please check out their pages on here as well.

  • Helix 1
  • Helix 2
  • Helix 3
  • Helix 4
  • Helix 5
  • Helix 6
  • Helix 7
  • Helix 8
  • Helix 9
  • Helix 10

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1 - Gives him overshield which improves his survivability a great deal.
3 - Further improves survivability and makes it easier to approach enemies
7 - Damage for his already lump-sum axe.
10 - Turns him into the highest-DPS character in the game and is the primary reason he’s considered a “carry”

I chose 3, 5, 7, and 10. But for my build Aegis of Anger (rage on Boldurdash), Desperate Rage (extra damage reduction on rage), Boldurcrash (damage increase for Boldurdash), and Impatience (reduced Boldurdash CD) are must haves. Once I get to 8 I can have 50% damage reduction almost all the time. And yeah at level 1 crash helmet is pretty much the only choice. Either they should make it so the axe can still come back when it explodes or change the other helix to something else. Maybe something that compliments rage like increased duration on it.

The biggest gamechanger level for Boldur is level 5, not only because of his helix option (15% additional DR on rage) but because it gives him access to his ult, which is incredibly good. It’s kind of like ISIC, who struggles to contribute heavily until he gets his ult, at which point he becomes an unparalleled agent of destruction.

My other choices were 3 (2k hp blocking and full movement while blocking), 6 (Salt the Wound is amazing, imo), and 10 (you either choose insane damage, insane healing, or infinite blocking; no matter how you’re building Boldur, there’s an amazing choice for you).

Might also want to include a link to Boldur’s helixes so that people can see which helix is at which level rather than having to remember off of the top of their heads (I know I had to google for it before I could actually choose).

Aegis if Anger is amazing. As is Death and Axes, weird how people dont seem to be a fan?

Both of those are standard parts of my Boldur kit (and most other Boldur players that I know of); they’re just not the real game changer levels, in most peoples’ minds. Ranks 5 and 10 are definitely game changers because that’s when Boldur gets his ultimate (which is massive increase to survivability and damage; he also gets the extra DR while in Rage, which is another huge increase) and when he gets to choose between his ultimate rendering him unkillable (Runic or Shield, based on situation/preference) or into a wrecking ball (Axe Mastery).

I chose 3 and 6 instead of 2 and 9 because Deft Defender gives him incredible mobility while his shield is up and makes him a much better tank up until or after hitting level 10 (the +shield is kinda redundant if you choose Shield Mastery at level 10; it’s still legitimate and useful for the other 2 choices though) and, imo, Salt the Wound is awesome (with Runes of Power active and recharged, Axe Toss for debuff>Boldurdash for stun and rage>Runes of Power to rebuff>demolish your target). I can see why some people vote for others over level 6 though (damage taken debuffs are amazing for team play, especially when delivered via a ranged AoE from a tank).