Boldur: Inspired by Bruenor Battlehammer & The Legend of Drizzt?

For those who don’t know, the name “Boldur” is a portmanteau of the words “Boulder” and “Baldur.” Boulder, obviously is a massive, heavy, difficult-to-move stone. Baldur, however comes from the popular RPG videogame “Baldur’s Gate” which was set in the Dungeons & Dragon’s Forgotten Realms. That raised my first eyebrow, but then after playing the character, more similarities started popping up and more eyebrows started raising. (special thanks to all the people whos’ eyebrows I forcibly raised to adequately express my shock. Sorry you got stuck like that, Jim.)


Bruenor Battlehammer Is one of the most famous dwarves of all time. If you are a fan of high fantasy, I highly recommend reading the Legend of Drizzt series for its fantastic writing, amazing (possibly the best) fight scenes and memorable characters. For sake of avoiding spoilers, this description may be a little gaunt, but:

Bruenor is the leader of his dwarven clan, who heads into battle with an axe and shield very similar to Boldur’s. He is a “lead from the front”-type of warlord who is unusual from his kin in that he has the habit of forming close friendships with people outside of his race. Bruenor and his clan had mostly kept to themselves save for the occasional trade with the human neighbors they had, but he ended up adopting a young girl as his own daughter after her family was killed by goblins.

Thorn was an orphan after her family was killed, and Boldur adopted her as his granddaughter.


Now the rage mechanic calls to mind another dwarf from the Legend of Drizzt series, and ironically one who was Bruenor’s best friend and bodyguard: [Thibbledorf Pwent.]

Pwent was what was known as a “Battlerager” dwarf. He would place himself in a psychological state of semi-madness and charge into foes wildly. His armor was so spiked and rigid that he would tear up anything unfortunate to be in his way.

Like Boldur, Pwent was easily exciteable and always looking for something to hit. His allies often had a hard time telling if he was mad, genius, or some sort of mad genius.


“BWAHAHAHAHA!” You’ll likely hear this when Boldur is with you in battle. Or if he dies. “I died… Bwahahaha!” Sometimes Boldur will sing dwarven warsongs in mid-battle (Which is really awesome btw, Gearbox!) but his general personality is a mirror image of another of Brueor’s closest dwarven friends and one of the most interesting dwarves in Legend of Drizzt: Athrogate.

Boldur’s extremely muscular build, his perpetually amused expression, and his boisterous laugh all harken back to Athrogate. Personality-wise, these two are so similar that it’s hard for me not to say “Boldur says X, JUST LIKE ATHROGATE!” with like every sentence.

I’d love to know if a dev could confirm this suspicion, and if it’s true my rampant fanboyism of that series may force me to main Boldur. The similarities (and especially the name) are all there, but what do you all think? Are there other dwarves from other series that Boldur more closely resembles?