Boldur is magic!

Looking around on the forum in the various “tier” lists I see the same pattern of people ignoring and often belittling who I consider one of the strongest in the game. I am not writing this to convince more people to play boldur only to ask gearbox to leave him be. If people want to not play him that is their problem but if you give him a buff as some people are calling for he will be as broken as galilea. Please don’t take my Boldur.

I haven’t played him in MP yet, but based on my story mode runs with him I’d have to agree. He is an absolute beast in story mode.

He’s a bit lacking in PvP. I’d call him B-tier rather than C-tier, but still.

Also, his axethrow is lame. Definitely needs buff.

He’s ever the worst character or he takes a lot of skill to use (i hope)

I love his axe throw (in story at least), especially was his ult is unlocked. Pop the ult, wait for cooldown to end, throw axe for explosive damage, pop the ult again and instantly get axe back. Very nice.